Just bought our Pirate and Princess Party tickets, tell me what not to miss


I am really excited for this party!! We loved the christmas party, so I figure this one is good too!

What is NOT to be MISSED at this party??

We are eating at CP at 4 and then just staying in the park after that!!


The PARADE is AWESOME! We went in March, it was SO FUN! It’s set up similar to the other special events (Xmas/Halloween) But this time X marks the spot and they give you little velvet bags to collect your treasures in, chocolate coins and colorful beads! OF course they have a fun stage show and the fireworks are super loud and colorful as the pirates and princesses “fight it out!” You are going to have a BLAST! :wub: :pirate:


Do not, and I mean DO NOT miss the fireworks.


Yeah, don’t miss the fireworks or parade!!! Both were amazing! If you find yourself running short on time and have to choose to NOT do something I am going to have to say to skip the haunted river ride. To me it was boring as sin and even the children on the boat seemed to be looking for things to entertain themselves with. It was like the normal river ride but with low lighting and pretty non-sensical audio. Everything else was great though.


is it like the halloween party from station to station for a few hours,getting candy,we are also eating at liberty tree inn for 5:30 staying inside…:blink:


is this more of a small children type of thing.


I was wondering the same thing, faerie dust. My roommate is a HUGE Pirates fan and I am wondering if this is something we should try?


The gold coins can be missed, however the Nestle and Hershey treasure chest shaped candies are good. Keep your eyes open before you get into a treat queue if you are trying to maximize candy and minimize beads. Really, how many sets of beads do you need?
Try to watch fireworks close to the stroller parking for Crystal Palace.
There’s loads of characters and character dance parties around the MK.


If your roomate is a big fan of Pirates this is PERFECT! On a normal day at Disney, there aren’t pirates walking around to have your picture taken with or demos of sword fighting being done. The park was almost split . . . Pirates to the left :pirate: , Princesses to the right! :wub:


Can you see/do just about everything (like the parade, show, fireworks) in one night? I’ll be there on a week when they’ll have 2 PPP and was thinking about adding another night to the one my sister and I are already going to.


You can do it all in one night. I would very strongly recommend that the other night, you watch the fireworks either from the TTC ferry landing or the beach at the Poly, better still to walk up to Sunset Point and watch between the palm tree trunks. Go to Poly’s beach and head right. You’ll see what I’m talking about.
As you see in this picture, you will never see all of the bursts from inside the park.


:pinch: Oooooh! I can’t wait, I just can’t wait!!! PIRATESSSS!:pirate: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


ohh pretty. They are doing it twice while I am there. I may just head to the poly on the night I am not going just to see that…wow!


Depending on timing, I’d catch Illuminations up near the fountain then race for the monorail. There’s a good chance you’ll make TTC by 9:30 and if the show is 9:45, it’s a no brainer. Plus getting back to your resort will be no problem.


the fireworks! Dont miss the fireworks!


Yes, we saw everything and did everything we wanted to do in one night.
I think two night would be too much.

If you have young kids , (8 and under) the games in Tune Town were fun. There was a dunk the Pirate game and a few others. My 6 y/o loved playing them.


is it as fun as the halloween party,being half pirate and princesees…


Thanks for the tip. We just might do the same thing!


Oh, I guess I should mention…aside from meeting Capt. Jack Sparrow, another pirate just might be looming around doing meet and greets, and yours truly might have a chance to help him out. I’m referring to Capt. Barbossa! If all goes well on July 27th, well, you can find me at P&P A LOT next month. :biggrin:


AHHH!!! are you serious!! He is MY favorite POTC character!! LOVE HIM!