Just checked my air reservations


Boy am I glad that I got them when I did! We paid $79 each way for our trip leaving the Sat after Thanksgiving. It is now up to $143. coming home and $330 going :eek::eek::eek: I can safely say that we would have to have thought of alternative transportation if we did not get our air a few months ago. And people always laugh at me when I book things early…I don’t understand that.


Wow… you did get a good deal. Holiday travel is just outrageous!


WOW that is an increase… good thing you booked when you did.


That must be such a good feeling. :slight_smile:


I checked mine out of curiousity; our flight in August for just DH and I went from $378 total roundtrip (what I paid) to $1108…that’s a difference of $730.

Our December flight for 6 (my family of 4 and 2 in-laws) went from $1494 total roundtrip (what I paid, still think it was too much) to $2034…that’s a difference of $570.

So glad I booked both trip when I did.


Yea, same for me. I’am glad we purchased them when we did. But what about next year when you can’t stand it any more and you have to go back!