Just checked the weather!


I am 9 days away (yay single digit dance) and checked the weather…

now, it will be in the 80s the whole week…so thats good. I can handle 80s. But there is atleast a “shower around” or “passing shower” or “afternoon shower” for 5 or the 6 days! UGH!:mad::mad::mad:


Keep checking. 10 days out seems to always show rain during the trip but as you get closer the rain days should lessen. At least this has been our case. Of course August 2008 me and the kids were the only ones swimming at the Contemporary pool during a tropical storm!!!My DW still wont let me forget that one.


We were there last week and the whole week, the forecast was 30-40% with afternoon showers and it only rained on us briefly on our first and last park day and we were in the parks for 7 days. It’s a hit or miss. It did rain briefly at other times, but mostly when we were sleeping or eating.


Have no fear, the rain showers tend to be quick, they won’t ruin anything. There are plenty of things to do while it rains!


10 day forecasts are good indicators, but they are only forecasts.
I’ve seen predicted stormy days become clear, sunny, and warm.
I’ve also seen warm days become cold days as you get inside the 4 day mark.
And that 30% chance of rain can often as not simply be a threat and the worst you’ll see is clouds.
My point is use the 10 day as some guidance, but still be ready for almost anything.
Well, this time of year, you don’t need to be ready for any temps under 75.


It says possibility of thunder storms for our whole trip. I don’t believe that it will be that much, but we are the “go with the flow,” type anyways.


When we went last December, some of our best times were during the 2 days it rained. The park was empty (both times were at EPCOT) and we got extra attention from the Cast Members. Put on your Poncho and have a blast I say!!

Disclaimer: Poster lives near Seattle.


We were there in May. The most rain central Florida had in 17 years. My advice is rain jackets and shoes that won’t slip on wet concrete