Just courious!


When you all go to the theme parks,do you have a set pattern that you do. I mean, do you always start in the same place every time, or do you just wing it. If you have a pattern for somw reason, what is it?


I have no pattern at all. I just wing it!!


At MK, ever since I was a kid, after walking up Main St to the hub, I’ve always gone left and started in Adventureland.

One of these days I’ll go right to Tomorrowland, or straight through the castle to Fantasyland, but to start in Adventureland just seems right to me.


Usually go right to Tomorrowland first… then to Adventureland… then all over the place! Very inefficient.


But I just said that I go to Adventureland first.

I thought you always wanted to be just like me, Andrea. :huh:



How, oh how, could I have gone so WRONG with my own personal touring plan? WHAT in the world was I THINKING??? Now I’ll NEVER be just like Andrew! :crying: :crying: :crying:

Sad, really. :tongue:


At MK, we head towards the left eveytime I’m afraid. I am a creature of habbit. There isn’t much to the right that I need TO DO, but I cannot miss the left :laugh:


i usually go to the right towards tomorrowland first… i don’t know why, lol. just a pattern i carved out for myself a long time ago. the only time i DON’T go that way is if it’s our last day and there are specific rides i want to hit. :mickey:


Adventureland first and then around- by the time we get to splash mountain and finish that area we are ready for lunch at the cafe and a turkey leg. then around the rest of the parks- we dont spend too much time in toon town or on the teacup rides because they make me sick and the little kids were just too little but this might change. We also have a set way to do Epcot- but MGM is different each time and so is AK


Always Adventureland first - and we always say the same thing while on our way to Adventureland frst - “So what do you want to do first”? And then we always end up at Splash Mountain, followed by Big Thunder.


We typically head to Space Mountain first, grab a fastpass and THEN we wing it.


We wing it…We figure if we happen to miss something there’s always later on in the week or next time!


We go to Tomorrowland and hit Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger a few times, the Astro Orbiter, Indy Racecars, then the Spinning Teacups and Haunted Mansion. These are a must for the boys. Last trip it worked out well.

Since we’ll be doing MK more than once during the trip, the next day we’ll probably go left and get on Pirates, Splash, and BTMRR.


We always seem to make Animal Kingdom our first park of the trip, sort of a warm up park. We really like it, it doesn’t take all day to complete and it prepares us for the lines and heat.

When we go the Magic Kingdom we always go right into Tomorrowland and make our way around the park from there. For the first time on our last trip we went left right into Adventureland. After years of going right it felt very strange and kinda threw me off. After riding Splash Mountain and Big Thunder it was like now what. :huh:


Usually, I plan two days (atleast) at MK. Then one day, it’s straight to tomorrowland, the other day, it’s directly to Fantasyland! Everything after that is just go with the flow!


We try not to wing it because my mom has a hard time walking after a full day so I don’t like going in circles. But we don’t spaz-plan it either.

At MK we usually hit up Fantasyland first, though, just because its our favorite and we like to do all the rides by lunchtime!

Epcot is harder, at least in FutureWorld, because there’s stuff to see back and forth before you hit the countries, but even then we’ll just try not to zigzag too much.

MGM and AK…Well I haven’t ‘guided’ anyone through AK except my brother, and we just started with the Safari and winged it from there! MGM is weird to get around too.

But like I said, I don’t wanna tire out mom too much, much less my own feets. Curse you, plantar fascitis. :pinch:


Our vacation doesn’t start officially until we have fallen down into the Briar Patch!! So, needless to say, we make a beeline for Splash Mountain!


We go right at MK and MGM, but left at Epcot and AK. First rides we always hit are the same:
MK- Buzz
Epcot- get Fast pass for MS, but ride Soarin’
AK- get FP for Safari, but ride EE


We arrive early and hit major attractions first, before the lines form.

AK-EE, Safari
Epcot-TT, Soarin’, M:S

With young kids, MK always starts at Fantasyland. On the off-season, an early arrival can get you multiple rides on the most popular attractions without waiting. Usually, by 10:30 we’re completely done with Fantasyland and moving on to other lands, as the crowds build into FL.


i start from the left, and work my way around…