Just curious


Would any of you fine folks enjoy some info on the beginnings of pin collecting?
Or perhaps a “Pinology 101” thread where we can share our pin trading experiences?
Or maybe share a pitcher of margaritas?
Or how to bribe cookies out of Dopey using pins as bait?
Or we could play Pin the Pin on Boss?


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Great ides. All of 'em!


3 hours? You have 3 hours!!!:happy:


Hmm… a little bored are we???


You got it! I was getting ready to start a farewell thread. 3 days with the fam over near Tampa and then a week in the Wonderful World of Disney!! :wub:


Well…just thinking about some ideas to freshen things up here and if it means we pin Boss down and use him as a lanyard, then so be it.


I know you will have a great time! :happy:


Ok by me… do what needs to be done.:wink:


Thanks! I hope so.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: So funny. It is a joke, right?:blush:


Oh yes, I am just joking…:laugh: Maybe.


Too bad you didn’t start the beginners thread BEFORE I left for Disney…I am totally clueless. Any last minute advice for starting for a 3 1/2 year old.

PS. I think this is a great idea.


Well…I was in until you said you were only joking about using Boss as a lanyard…now…I dunno…


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a beginners thread. Please make one!


Have your little one trade with CMs wearing green lanyards. Also, let the youngun pick what they want to collect. And have a great time!


Oh well, if you’re in…let’s find him!:laugh:


I am working on one, hopefully have it up within a couple of days!:happy:


Can I be in the Pin Club??? I wanna be in it!!! I love to read everyone’s cool trading stories!

(as long as we don’t call ourselves the Pinheads…)


Pahahahaaa! Pinheads! We are Pinologists…sounds more refined don’t ya think? Of course you are always welcome here MissD!


Thanks Doughnut! I’ll be sure to take pictures of the pins she chooses/ trades.

I’m outta here!!!


Party ON!!:happy: