Just curious


What is everyone’s favorite ride/attraction at Disneyland and at California? I love too many things, at Disneyland: Gotta love all of the Firework shows, Fantasmic, Space Mountain to name a few. California Adventure: Aladdin show, Tower of Terror, California Screaming.

The boards are just a little dead, and wanted to bring a little life to it. :laugh:


One of my favorite topics… DISNEYLAND!!! :heart:

Fave attractions at DL: Pirates, Indiana Jones, Matterhorn

Cali Adventure: Monsters INC, SunWheel, Cali Screamin’, & Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train


Haven’t been since I was a kid. :frown: Got it on my “To Do” list though. :happy:


I’ll let you know after my 1st trip in April!!!

Thanks for starting this thread though, I’m curious to know what my “must-do’s” should be!!


Oh man, thats a hard one! I honestly don’t have a real “favorite”, it may hard to believe, but it really all depends what kind of mood Im in during the time, sometimes I opt for more of the Fantasyland Attractions while other times Im all over the NOS/CC Attractions, same goes for DCA!


will let you know in 2011 when we hopefully go for the first time ever!


I hear you! As for the rest that have yet to come or has not been here for a while, you are in for a real treat and look foward to hearing about your experiences.


Indy used to be my favorite, but I’m currently on a “Without Flames, Indy’s LAME!” campaign. :laugh:


Indiana Jones, Alice in Wonderland, Matterhorn, & Pirates!

I’ve only been to DL once, I’m dying to go again!! :mickey:


California Screamin’, Soarin’, & Midway Mania @ DCA.

Space Mtn., POTC, & Indiana Jones @ DL.


I will admit though, I do love Midway Mania! :blush:


That is pretty cool and popular!!!