Just don't know what to do


I have a trip booked for my 40th bday for Thanksgiving week. I’ve been planning this for a year and am booked at the Poly for 8 nights. My parents are joining us for the last 4 nights.

When the new “code” came out I called right away to try to apply it. Nothing has been avail for the Poly (or any other monorail resort) for the whole week. There is availability at the WL, BC, YC, and BW.

I priced out the Boardwalk, since I have never been there before, AND added on 1 more night (which I really want to do) and it saved me $687.00!!!

I am so torn. If it was just DH, DD and I, I would change to WL. Since my parents are coming I don’t think my mom would like it there so that is out.

I originally picked Poly since I love the MK and I especially love the fireworks. I am so looking forward to sitting on the beach there and watching them. Since my parents will be with us, I am happy to stay on the monorail. I haven’t been to the Poly since the room refurb, so I am looking forward to that as well.

But…is that worth $700???

We stayed at the BC last year and didn’t love it. The room really needed refurb and mousekeeping wasn’t good. The foodcourt/store wasn’t what we liked for a quick breakfast either. We loved the pool but not sure how much we will use it in Nov.

What are opinions on the BW rooms? I know most people feel that they only sleep in their rooms at WDW, but the room and location is a really important part of my trip.

Help me decide…DH says it’s up to me (although you know he’s thinking $$$)! :wub:


Well…honestly you’re in a conundrum aren’t you!

If it were me…and I could afford the Poly as is I think I would stay there. Just because it’s your birthday and Thanksgiving and you deserve to spoil yourself a little bit. The extra $700 savings is amazing though.


Wow…$700’s is a lot of dough! Especially when you are talking Disney.

I can’t give you insight on BW, but I know others will be able to do that. I think it would be worth giving it a shot. You never know until you try…you might find that you LOVE BW too.

Good luck! The good news is that one way or another you will be at WDW VERY soon:happy:


Have you considered splitting time between both resorts? You may be able to hit a compromise that would still save some $$.


Oh, BTW. IF you decide to split time, you may have to actually have two separate reservations. This is what my brother-in-law’s family did once.

Also, I’ve been told by others that you can probably get the resorts to move your luggage between resorts for you.


What to do, What to do…I’ve never stayed at Poly, hopefully we’ll be there next year for free dining in August if it’s offered. Here’s what I think, keep your reservation as is, remember how exicted you were when you first booked your trip, it’s you’re 40th birthday and it’s somewhere you’ve wanted to stay. Sure $700 is a lot of $ and who wouldn’t want to save that much with the economy the way it is, but this is a vacation you’ve been planning for over a year. Just imagine how wonderful you’ll feel when you’re sitting of the beach at the Poly watching the fireworks!


Boardwalk rooms are fabulous. Completely luxurious in every way. The resort is perfectly located, with a breathtaking lobby and lots of beautiful open areas. You can be assured that if you choose to stay at BW, it will become one of your favorite resorts in all the world.


I totally agree. Stay at the Poly and look forward to staying at Boardwalk next time you go! If you love MK, you love fireworks, you love being on the monorail, you need to stay where you are for this trip.

Let us know what you decide!


Hard decision!!!

I’ve never stayed at the Poly - but I’m looking forward to my first trip next month.

Our home resort is the BW! We love it there. The rooms are in need of a little refurb, but they do keep it clean and the lobby is beautiful! The holiday decorations are spectacular!!! I love the location of the BW - easy access to HS and Epcot.
If you have any questions on the BW, let me know…

You really can’t go wrong - so don’t stress too much!! Can’t wait to hear what you decide.


I say stick with the Poly since it is your 40th birthday!!! Or stay at the BW and use the extra $700 to buy you some EXTRA SPECIAL birthday gift!!!


gosh, that wouldn’t be difficult for me. saving that much money and adding a day???


I’ve stayed at POLY and it is my all time favorite resort anywhere…next to the Atlantis, that is. :wink: HOWEVER…with a savings of $700 AND adding an extra day, seems like a no brainer to me. Boardwalk is a GORGEOUS resort! I’ve never seen the rooms, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything negative about them. The only negative I hear about the Boardwalk is their LONG hallways. BUT WHO CARES???

Boardwalk. Fo sho. :wink:


I would take the $700 savings and put it away for my next stay at the Poly. When you get home you will already have $700 in savings for your next trip. Just an idea.


I totally agree! Plus you get to add a day and have the extra $700 to buy yourself a great gift!!


I Agree!! Your 40th is a Special Date. When you made the plans you picked Poly as your ideal location. Hotels on the monorail are always premium priced because it’s all about location, location, and did I mention location? If you have your heart set on sitting on the beach watching the fireworks - don’t compromise! You can always plan your next trip at BW and maybe get free dining too. Whatever you decide - have a great time! And Happy 40th!


I would have to say $700 is a lot of change and could go towards your next stay!! Just being at WDW for your birthday and Thanksgiving is great!! Lucky you-I’m jealous!!!:laugh:


Oh, man, I don’t envy your situation. I see this happening to us in a few months as spring package deals are released. I’ve booked the Poly for MY 40th birthday celebration (a couple of months early) too! $700 is a lot of money, but what is it that Frank Costanza would say? It’s money well spent! Good luck.


If you have the money, I also say go with your heart. If you have it set on Poly, you may enjoy your stay elsewhere, but you will always “want” the Poly. If you compromise now, just remember, you’ll have to plan another trip to stay at Poly. You won’t be satisfied until you do.


I say stay at the poly. You have been planning this for your birthday for a year. Stay cheaper next time. Your 40th birthday is special and there fore worth the extra money in my opinion.


I have two quick questions for you-

  1. Whose birthday is it?
  2. How many times do you turn 40?

I say do what ever YOU want to do!!:wub: