Just got back from disney


I just got back from disney and I don’t know if I should even review my trip I may disapoint a lot of you.

I must say I HOPE disney hasn’t lost it’s magic and it was just a fluke for this vacation.

On the brighter note i must say CSR was an amazing hotel. I MUST give THAT a good review!


Please give us the pros and cons… Hope you at least had fun!


I’m sorry your trip wasn’t as magical as you had hoped. I would love to hear about it, the good and the bad.


Wow that sucks that your trip was not all you hope for, please tell us what went wrong and hopefully there was some fun as well


Please tell us what went wrong


Indeed, spill !


Welcome home. I seriously doubt any experience you had would ruin anything for us. We have all had less-than-magical trips at one point or another. Please do share your experience.


I am still working on my thoughts. don’t think i forgot about it. :slight_smile:


Oh I’m sorry too you’re trip wasn’t as magical as you had hoped.


Glad you didn’t forget and intend to share your trip with us. I do hope you had some magic while there.


my monster of a review is almost done. Where do you think i should post it I talk about the parks, food/restaurants, and hotel!


right here. start at the begining and continue to the end.


:laugh:WELL-- ARE YOU GONNA DISH??? You have us on the edge of seats!!!


I am very interested…


Same here! :ohmy:


tinker2222, look at your countdown!!! Oh my! Even closer than we are!


i see the original post was two weeks ago. where is the trip report ?


Trip report please!!


I know I can’t hardly wait!!! :wub:


Post it in TR’s!

I’m excited to hear about it! I’m so sorry it wasn’t as magical as planned, but I think we can chalk it up to bad luck! :pinch: