Just got back trip report to come


After we settle down I’ll start posting.

Report starts on posting # 12

Sorry for the delay.


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Welcome home, hurry back!


Welcome back. Cant wait to hear about your trip


lots of pics i hope?!!

welcome back!



Another Trip report!

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welcome home


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It’s been an hour.


How much settling does one really need anyway? :laugh:

Welcome back. Post soon. Use pics. We’re a demanding and impatient lot. :blush:


I can’t wait to read about your trip!


Do you get the feeling, as I have, that we are being held hostage by all the WDW return-ers ?
Promises, promises :dry:


I am at the mercey of my wife to download the pics. Ill keep pushing. :frown:


Welcome back!


Day 1: left 3:00 am from southern N. J. Arrived in Georgia at 5:30 Pm Ramada Inn exit 3 off 95. We had dinner in the Cracker barrel. The Motel was discussing. The board of health closed the pool probably. We slept on towels in our clothes it was filthy. We originally planned to sleep until 8 am then head out for the rest of the trip. We checked out at 4:00 am we couldn’t take it anymore.

More to come but I have to work on the pic problem.:mellow:

Thank’s to all. I will send picks as soon as I can get them to fit.




The report comes with a bunch of pic’s. I might have to hijack my daughters help.:pirate:


Now, don’t let me push you. You know how I can get when I am cranky :laugh:
Just take your time and hurry up already :smile:


first question:
did you see the new Haunted Mansion and if so, what did you think?


It was covered with scaffling you couldnt see it.


yeah… the Mansion isn’t due to open till the 12th or 13th right?

Oh… and welcome back CC :laugh:


Welcome back. Looking forward to your pics and report.


What, you actually stayed there as long as you did? :eek:

More power to you, I guess. Did you at least get some type of refund from the establishment?