Just Got Back


Just got back from spending 10 days at Disney World. Thanks for all the advice that you guys gave me. Had the best time and was really hard to leave.:crying: Have been in 03 and 05 and this was by far the best trip that we had.:heart:
Once again, thanks for all the advise that Mousebuzz provided.


Trip report, Trip report, Trip report!!!


that is cause we all “rock” over here… there is enough been there done that to go around a few times!


The first morning you wake up at home is to much reality. All you can think about is going back.


Welcome Back… Start posting that Trip Report with lots and lots of pictures.


Welcome back, can we look forward to more details about your trip? :slight_smile:


Glad you had a great vacation. Can’t wait to hear all about it.


welcome back…hope you have some great pictures


We drove down from Michigan. Stayed the first night in Georgia and checked in to French Quarter at 1:00pm on July 9th. Went through AAA and the first thing we had at MK was a special story time with Alice (from Wonderland). Had dinner at Chef Mickeys (was great) went to MK until 11:30pm. Tuesday-Animal Kingdom. Lion King is Awsome, Everest is intense and my kids favorite was river rapids. Dinner at Boatwrights (Riverside) is was good. Wednesday at Epcot. Soarin is the best and you have to see Turtle talk with Crash. Every show is different. If you have a disney credit card, go to Innovetions West and you get 10-15 minutes with Mickey and Pluto. It was great. Dinner at Garden Grill (OK). Illuminations is not to be missed. Thursday-MGM tower of terror is great. Beauty and the beast, Indiana Jones and Motor action are all not to be misssed. Dinner and Hollywood/Vine for Fantasmic. Dinner OK. Fantasmic was not as great as I thought is was two years ago, but still good. Friday breakfast at Ohana with Stitch. It was a blast. Off to Typhoon Lagoon. Wave pool is great and so is crush n gusher. Saturday Epcot and MK. Dinner at Crystal Palace. Place is beautiful and the characters were also great. Sunday Downtown. You have to go to DianeyQuest. I could have stayed there all day, but we had more shopping to do. Eat at the cheesecake factory in DisneyQuest. What huge portions and the food was great.:heart: Monday MGM and Epcot. Soarin for the third time. Dinner at Princess dinner Akershus. Paging system is the worst there. You sit out inthe hot sun waiting for you name to be called. Food is OK. Princess’s were great. They were playing tag with each other throughout the resturant. Tuesday Blizzard Beach. Great place, get there early. It opens at 8 for resort guests, go then, ride the big rides before it get full. Dinner at Spirit of Aloha. I have read the reviews and was hesitant to go there, but is was AMAZING. the food was very good. All you can eat and drink (beer and wine). Yes the show can get a bit corney, but what a show it is. This is not to be missed in my mind. Wednesday. MGM lunch at Sci Fi Dine INN. The place is great to look at. MY kids loved sitting in the car. Service was not the greatest and the food prices are high and just OK on the food.
ANything else you want to know???:heart:


Thanks for the TR. Always love to hear about everyones experiences at Disney.


How did you like the French Quarter?


How old are your children? And how many hours did it take to drive from Michigan?


What was you most favorite part of WDW?


There was a thread in the Rumors section about large parts of MGM being shuttered for rehab/renovations. Did you notice anything like that?


sounds like you had a good time.


That is quite a drive from Michigan. We were going to drive from MA but decided not to fly instead. We just got back on Sat. night and I kept dreaming that I was standing in lines.


Welcome back, I’m glad you had a great time.


Welcome back mrmath. Waiting for you to answer all those questions :blush:


Sounds like a good trip!! Glad you had so much fun.
Where in Michigan do you live? We have driven from Raleigh,NC to North West Michigan (up in Dopey’s neck of the woods:wub: ) and it was a HIKE!! I couldn’t imagine driving from there to WDW.
Thanks for the quick TR-some people around here don’t finish theirs for months!!:laugh:


Mousebuzz is great. To answer some questions. We loved the French Quarter. We have stayed at Coranado Springs the last two times and wanted something different. The FQ is alot smaller. The pool is fun but alot busier than at CS. CS has a much better slide. At FQ we were in building 3 and we were very close to the bus stop, food and the pool.
My kids DS11 and DD8. It would have been 17 hours of total driving time if we went straight through with no breaks, but that is impossible with kids.
I would have to say my favorite part is watching my kids interact with the characters at the meals. Watching their faces light up is amazing.
MGM has some renovations going on, but all the attractions were running. The only things that was closed was the Jedi training. We say it one day and my DD was picked and went back so DS could get picked, but it was closed.
I live near Ann Arbor in Milan, about 30 minutes from Toledo and 1,120 from Disney.:blush: :happy: :happy: