Just got back......want to back again


Ok so i went jan 31-feb 07th…and the first two days were warm and then fla had a cold spell. WEll i can honestly tell you i will never go to disney the year of the superbowl in floriday…so it started out where our plane was packed i mean usually there is a few seats here or there not taken but this time not one seat was empty. Luckily i thought ahead and got me and my daughter to business class so we where nice and comfy. See my parents drove and met us down there with all our luggage so we didnt even have carry ons since they were gonna be there at the same time approx as we were. So we get to the polynesian and the check in lines were alittle confusing but the hotel itself was out of this world gorgeous. So we go to check in and they kept trying to put my 5 adults in with 3 other parties. i was like no they are all in one room. Now my mom has bad knees to where they want to do both knee replacement but she also has foot spurs that they dont know if it would heal properly so we called 5 days in advance and said we need a room close to the big ceremony house and transportation. So they put us by the ttc, which is the farthest from the ceremony house. Which is ok if we had a motorized wheelchair, which they gave us a push one. So do you know that only one monorail station except for the hotels have an elevator. So what fun with people walking in front of all the time to push up and down those ramps. So now we go to mk and we have lunch at liberty tree tavern…which i still think is the best lunch down there…and i am lactaid intolerant. So i realized after i ate that i packed the rest of my lactaid so i had none for dessert, which we were on the ddp deluxe plan so we had to get moneys worth. The waitor asked me what i wanted and i said i dont think anything because it all has dairy in it. Well he came back a few min later with a brownie and choc ice cream all lactaid free and it was delicious. So off we went to do more rides and all. Around 3 pm we went back to hotel to get room and get all the luggage and all sorted and ready for the rest of vacation…I grabbed more lactaid and off we went to where we had dinner at chef Mickey. I will tell you chef mickey will never have our business agian. It went downhill so quick. They dont even do the parade anymore. It is loud, the characters actually had to have the waitor get them to see us and the food was less than average. So i was like ok that is it. No more here which was one of our favorite places just because it was so much fun.

The next morning we went to cinderella’s castle for breakfast. Which was very nice. They upped the price so that way the pictures are included. Which i honestly loved because it wasnt where u were dishing out more money. Breakfast was very good, and the show with the princess were nice too. My daughter saw the boys with a sword and wanted one so the waitress said no problem and she got both the sword and the wand. So that made her happy…mind you she is 11 so little picky with things.

dinner then i do more.


Welcome back!

We went to Chef Mickey’s the Fri. before Superbowl . . . we :heart:d it though. I hadn’t ever been for dinner and I thought the food was great! (It was of course 8pm when we ate and I was starving!) :blush:

They put on the napkin waving show for us and then had a birthday celebration for all the birthdays (DD5 was celebrating)!:wub:

Our crowds were 0 to none, but some CMs kept saying to us, next week will be busy with the Superbowl in Tampa this year!! I never even made the connection! :laugh:

Hope you have some pictures to post?


Sounds great so far! How cool for the waiter to bring you a lactose free brownie and ice cream! I didn’t even know they had such things, but I should have known. Disney will find a way to make it happen.

And I love it that your daughter had to have a sword and a wand. So cute.


Wow, quite a full day there, that first day. Are there pictures by chance?


Yeah a TR!


trying to figure it out with pictures…if anyone can help if i have to put one at a time or can i put a bunch…or like i have the file on facebook can i add it to here.


ok so after cinderella table, we hung out at epcot because mk was kinda busy and they said because of superbowl people so we decided we would hang out and do some rides and see the countries. We had dining reservations at boma, which i have a problem with so much stuff that eye focus on it gives me a problems, to where i cant focus. So it was nice but to much clutter and all. where by the time we got to it and got back i missed the monorail. It was kinda crazy getting the buses because akl doesnt take you to polynesian so i had to go to ak then to polynesian or i could go to mk then monorail to polynesain.

The third day, we went to ohana and man that place i have to say was the best character breakfast becasue it was very casaul and nice…my duaghter loved it. she said it was her favorite. and that day we decided because fo the superbowl parade taht we would go to hollywood studios and man it downpoured. We had to buy ponchos and it would sprinkle and then pour. but we had alot of fun on toy story midway. I just wished that the ride would of had buttons to push like buz lightyear instead of the rope. By the time we did it 2 times my arm was killing me. So we had a blast with that. I even asked the workers there what was coming next to it becasue it said in process. they said they have 3 ideas flyin in there head like cars, or a couple of others from pixar. and then we did one mans dream which my daughter loved. she thought whe wouldnt like it at all and i said lets get time to dry and we went through and she was like mom this is great. Then we did the movie ride, which we did 2 times during the trip. The lady in the beg was great and the guy was ok which on the other time the lady was ok and the guy was great. So we then headed over to epcot where we had dinner at coral reef. Which was absolutely beautiful to see the aquarium. The only thing that shocked me was that a family with 3 kids sat across from us and man when they left. It was a mess, the kids made a mess all on teh table and the floor. The parents didnt do anything about it. They just said that oh they will take care of it and i said to the waitor that is gross and he said that is nothing. He has found dirty diapers and all under the table. I cant believe people do that, do they do that in their own house. But we got to the hotel by the time they did the light parade in the lagoon.


ok so the next day, we went to gf 1900 park faire. Which has the mad hatter, and he was great. He was joking around and would ask whenever he saw tigger, why they let animals in here. and alice was looking for the rabbit. They had a blast. My daughter said mom behave because she knew i would joke with him about her. So of course she would laugh but she is 11 so she gets embarrassed easily lol. So we then spent the day doing more mk and then went to le celliar steak house for dinner. Which i have to say they have the best pretzel bread…my duaghter was talking about that bread the whole rest of the trip. I also while i was there went ot surprise my daughter with a keychain which turned into a funny. So i go and get her a green mickey for 5 dollars and it was free engraving. I went to get her name and the machine kept going to a wrong place. so they asked me to pick another one so i got mickey and minnie in a heart and that didnt work. So finally they gave me a 10 dollar one but my duaghter by this time was there so it wasnt a surprise…and canada people siad just think u making out with a more money one and i said well taht isnt the one she wanted but hey it is ok.


So the next morning we had to get up very early to go to tusker house at 8 am in ak, again i missed the monorail. and then this is one of the fights we all had so we decided after breakfast to split up. Breakfast was good. I never like bread pudding but i loved theirs. It was mouth watering. So then me and ashley decided seh wanted to go on the safari so we were the first ones on the ride, which was cool because the animals like baby deer, and eggs were there and baby elephant were active. the only problem we had there was that the bridge that usually shakes and acts like you gonna fall down, was broken. Then after taht my daughter wanted to go to downtown disney, so we went there and she made a shirt in the design a tee, and we made a cup witha goofy hat and mickey feet. We then said lets go to epcot and actually walk the countries. We got to see so much more like she was in italy and this juggler who doesnt talk got her out there to hold this net and had people throw soccer balls. then he juggled with her and then juggled while he was standing in back of her and put his hands in front of her and juggled… it was great. she was laughing and having fun. We had lunch at china which we have never did but since we had deluxe we figured why not. she loved the sweet and sour chicken and lomein. she actually ate the whole thing. which anyone with an 11 yr old knows that is amazing. we did some kim possible things which were cool. I actually got her on maelstrom which i was never on and man did i think was i was sht myself by we go on and i am telling her it is ok no big drops and all and we got to the point where u can see outside and i was omg…so she was nervous and all. but we liked it once we realized it ws for us to go forward. and then there was a little drop. but we were ok. We then had dinner at mexico. Which i asked if we could be by the water and she said it woudl be 45 min wait from when we were there. i was like well as soon as possible but would like by the water. Which we loved the new version fo the ride in mexico. cuter the people chasing was nice but annoying ot some part. Oh and we found that they hid mickeys all over the place so we were trying to find them as we could.


be back in a bit and finish the tr. but there is a surprise thing coming up for those interested.


Thanks so much for writing this - I was in need of a TR! :happy: Anxiously waiting to hear about the surprise…


So ok the next day, started getting alittle warmer so we were like yeah…well we ate at the kona cafe, and if you love pineapple, they have the best pineapple pancakes. They are pancakes with pineapple jelly on top, with butternut butter…i never eat pancakes all of it. I ate them first. I can still taste them. We hung out at mk becasue we had crystal palace at 355. Well we were loving it. we did run into a little snotty from the workers from haunted mansion. Well since my mom was in a wheelchair, she had a seperate entrance. She is also very clostrophobic (however you spell it), so she cant handle the first rooms while we go to the ride. So they said np, adn the one guy said move up even with my drink so they can get the wheelchair people out of line. So he said she goes to the left, and the rest go to right. So there was a lady and i said does she continue to the left, and her response was welllll…he is right there ask him. i was like ok woman. be happier. then as i was about to go throw away my drink, she comes up with an attitude and says you cant go in there with that drink you know. i was right to yell at her and say well if u answered me the first i would of have thrown it away already.l…so then we go to crystal palace who asked if there was an allergies and i said my dad is allergic to oj and they said i will have the chef talk to you. well it was about 30 min before we even got seated. and then we got 2 plates before we even got the chef to come talk to him which he couldnt have salad dressing, or chicken ( because they marinated it in orange peels). so she was so sorry it took that long and gave us special passes. Which can i tell you i still have. there was no ride that would except it becasue with my mom in a wheelchair. they got her in front of the line. i was like ok now how do i get a free pass and not be able to use it. i feel like it was nice but didnt do anything for us…i asked if i could give it away and they said no and it was only for mk. oh well…


Omg. I have got to try me some of those pineapple pancakes!! :eek:


Ok the last full day we ended up because of ashley going back to ohana for breakfast, and then we did hollywood studios because we had fastasmic that day. So we did toy story mania and then then we did the movie ride like i said in the beg of the story. We also saw muppets 3d which used to be called muppets 4d. they added a few things. they added the monster running through the first aisle. My daughter was cracking up and jumping back at things. it was so cute. so we went to mama melrose, and the eggplant was out of this world. so we get told to fastastmic right after dinner which was about 5ish and the show was at 7 so we had to stand in the line with everyone else and then we get there and we had to go to the right, and then people were just pouring in and no one was there to stop them from entering our side of the seats and there were better seats. So i was like why did we rush lol. And then i get there and all the water part of it, was nice but i wanted more of a show not just movies through water. So it is something we wont be doing again. Oh and now the surprise that i said was coming i forgot to tell you. So that morning we left a tip and a note, so they would know it was theirs. And in the note we wrote that my daughter has been hoping for a special towel…is there anyway. So when we went back to the room there was not one but 2 towels…one was a swan, and one was a clown. She was so happy. so for those that looking for it, it doesnt hurt to ask. the clown is the most impressive one and she still smiles when she sees it. We were so happy with polynesian and said def would go back.

So the last mornign before we left, we went back to gf 1900 park faire. where when the mad hatter came near our table, my daughter ran away and hid…lol but again we had alot of fun. So then my parents left to drive, and me and ash went to mk. When we got there phillermagic which wasnt open all week and finally opened up that sat. She was like mommy can we go and i was like sure…she loveeeeedddd it. we had to see it twice. Needless to say we cant wait to go back…but being a single mom and this economy wont be for 3 yrs or so. boo hoo. i even thought of doing dv but pretty much just had a fight with my dad and he got me wanting to move…i need help if that means anything.


some pictures i think i did right…lol


some more pics…


hope you all enjoy…still wanting to go back but dont think it will happen for 3 yrs or more unless i meet man of dreams


heres is the surprise…the towel they left my daughter all because we asked. there was a swan but she gave that to my aunt. the one with the bandage on her head.


Really love your pics…the clown is very cool. I’ve never been to Ohana’s but with all the great reviews we’ll surely be going in Sept. A quick question, where did you take the pic of the Wizard of Oz?


that was in the great movie ride…there is a wizard of oz part…very cool.