Just got home from seeing Wall-E


I just got home from seeing Wall-E. I loved it, but I don’t think my kids (3 1/2 and 2) understood it. It has very little conversation between the characters. It is a very cute movie for maybe more of an older kid- or atleast one who can read and interpret actions. I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD so I can sit down and enjoy it in peace without my kids! Enjoy it!!


Oh I was so hoping to take ds3 to see it. I don’t know if he would like it now either. Maybe I will just wait till it comes out on DVD too. He definitely didn’t like Ratatouille. But I loved Ratatouille. So cute.


Awesome! Thanks for the fill-in. :slight_smile:


I agree . . . DD8 was even asking me a few questions.

I thought it was GREAT! Short . . . but GREAT!

And the animation always BLOWS me away!!! WOW!


it surely didn’t look like animation did it? I thought that it was cute!



Thanks, we’re excited down here!

The movie opened up down here today. Volde and I are going to see it tonight… :wub:


Short? :blink:

How short?


we just got back from seeing it ourselves.


DD who is almost 5 yo. was totally into it.

great movie…the end almost made us all cry! :C)

the show started at 4:35 and let out at 6:25. so including the 12 minutes or so of previews it was almost 2 hrs long.

as good as ratatouille. (which i loved too!)

forgot to mention that DD received a freebie watch too! it was a blue rubber wristband with the digital clock inset. DD says: “blue is for boys mama, do they have pink??” ~ dada wore the watch! LOL


i didn’t think that it was short. I thought that it was as long as any other movie. I thought that it was really cute. Some of those previews were cue. We did not get there for very many, but we got there for the Disney ones that are attached at the front of the movie… The chihuahua movie looked cute, but we could not hear any of it because of the sound not working at the beginning… Oh well!


I might take DS6 to see it tomorrow. He has been looking forward to it for months now. Hopefully we can find a matinee for a couple bucks less than full price.


I meant . . . it was so good, it felt like it was over quickly . . . “short” . . . not like Kung Foo Panda . . . which I felt took forever!!

I liked the little rabbit pixar flick before the move started … . that was cute too!


Was it sad?!?! Dave doesn’t want to see it because he’s afraid it’s going to be really sad (like Bambi’s mother dying kind of sad). Of course he did get a little misty at the end of Monsters Inc as well.


Didn’t think about the sadness factor. Please tell me it’s not Brother Bear sad. I bawled watching that movie. It may have been PMS though :laugh:


no it was not sad at all. I heard some preview where they were talking about a tragedy at the front of the movie like in Nemo, but I do not know what they were talking about. There was no tragedy. It showed a very dirty earth, but it more reminded you of what a dirty Mars would look like. There was nothing to cry about ! No need to take tissues, just take your listening ears, because the little dialogue was hard to catch at the beginning (when they first started speaking).

You were right in that the story line did not drag at all! I thought that it was going to at first, but I thought that the story line was put together very well.

It is definitely something that we would all enjoy. There was a very interesting message about all of the people who never did anything. I thought that was interesting, being a former dietitian!


We saw Wall*E this afternoon and loved it. My 10 year old said it was awesome, he wants it on DVD. We also got 2 watches, one before the show and one afterward.

Nate also got the Wall*E DS game and said it was fun. He’s been playing it for about 2 hours and hasn’t looked up.

Bella, I don’t think it was sad but I was worried a little about Nate toward the end. He gets pretty sad in movies but the only tears he almost had were happy tears at the very end.

I think Dave will like it.


yes…not tears of sadness like bambi’s mother getting gunned down, but tears of happiness.

disney never makes a sad ending…but they make you want for the happy ending so, so bad, that when you finally get it…you are so happy, you could almost cry! LOL:laugh:

bella, you & dave will enjoy it…it was beautifully done!


YES! For the animation ALONE it is is sooooooooooo worth it!

You almost forget you are not watching a REAL METAL ROBOT . . . very cool!


Another AWESOME disney/Pixar film!
I’d have to rank this one up hight on my list.

Our theatre was giving away the watches as well as a really cool “wall-e combo” with a nice cup, popcorn bucket and tray all re-useable with wall-e’s pictures and logo.


I’m skipping straight to the end of this thread to avoid any details… we are going today… yeah!!


Go early. We went to the 1:50 show yesterday and it was packed. My DH got up once just before the show started and he almost lost his seat twice.