Just got home from the "Princess and the Frog" movie premier! Mini TR


We had tickets to see the “Princess and the Frog” movie premier event in NYC at the Ziegfeld Theater today. They are doing it for about a week I believe with several showing a day in both NYC & LA. After the movie you get to move to a different location for a “Premier Disney Event” with Princess meet & greets, games themed to the movie, Disney Archives displays, an animation class with a real animator from the Princess & the Frog movie, and a big “Bayou Adventure” play area for kids.

First of all, the movie was EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT! The characters are so loveable, the storyline keeps the attention & is appreciated by both the young, old, and everyone in between. The music is fun & there are some definate laughable moments. Daniel and I both really liked the theme in the movie about working hard & saving for what you want; Tiana is an absolutely awesome “princess!” All the characters in the movie are really personable & visually the movie was great! Defiantely gets ‘two thumbs up’ from both Daniel and I!

There were a couple scenes that may be a little too scary for the under 5 crowd (via the “Shadow Man”), not to mention the story seemed to interest most of the children in the theater that were a little older. I’d say it would be MOST appreciated by anyone over 5, and maybe the more mature 4’s.

After the movie everyone walked two blocks to the Roseland Ballroom; Daniel and I were pretty impressed by the set up. There were individual set pieces with their own ques to meet & greet with Tiana, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Pocahontas, Belle, Jasmine, and Snow White. It was SO organized & moved very fast. One of the cutest things at the party were the movie themed games. One was where you had to launch frogs onto lilly pads, throw ping pong balls into Marti Gras bowls, and another was throwing velcro darts to a spinning “voodoo man” wheel. :laugh: There were some interesting small exhibits from the Disney Archives, and animation class with one of the real animators from the movie, and even a big Bayou play area for kids.

It was awesome! We had a great time!

OH, I should mention how SERIOUS security was about recording devices and cameras at the theater… woah! I understand why but it was pretty crazy. Security guards were walking the entry lines talking to EVERY single person; they all made it VERY clear that if you didn’t “check” your recordable devices before the show they WILL be confiscated. The system of storage and collection was pretty brilliant & fast so we weren’t worried & after the movie we had our camera back within 5 minutes. After you checked your camera you went through ANOTHER line where a security guard manually checked your purse, etc. & made it CLEAR that if any cell phones were pulled out during the show they would be confescated as well. After THAT security guard you went through metal detectors & hand-held wand metal detectors. :mellow::laugh: I felt safe [that nobody would get a bad candid photo of me] :laugh:

Some photos to come… [not in the movie theater obviously, haha]


that sounds AWESOME! how comparable is to say beauty and the beast or lion king?


We saw this scary imposter on the way walking to the theater. Eek.

OK, so I snuck one little cell cam pic inside the theater; whatevs! :tongue:


You mean the movies?


Sounds awesome… Glad you and Daniel enjoyed it…


After the movie, at the party in the Roseland Ballroom. Daniel wasn’t in the mood to be in pictures but when we got to Tiana she made him come up & stand with us. :laugh:

Pictures with the other Princesses:

She made me do “Princess Hands,” apparantly I am totally out of practice 'cause I look like I am trying to catch fireflys in my hands. :laugh:


Some cool games:

you had to throw ping pong balls into these:

Flipping frogs onto lilly pads:

View from above, there were individual lines for every Princess. Luckily we were some of the first people in the building so we got to walk up to every princess with no wait! :smile:

Line to meet Tiana:


There was a Bayou Adventure play area for kids:

I got to draw Prince Naveen as a frog with one of the animators from the movie

Some of the Disney Archive Stuff


They had backdrops & stuff you could take pictures with in the lobby

Event poster:


Just some quintisential “NY” pictures. Honestly, I can’t stand Times Square or the mile radius around it. :laugh: Broadway shows are amazing & there are good restaurants but Times Square just terrifies me. :pinch: :laugh: Alas, it’s on the way back to the train station.


Another SCARY imposter… EEK! :eek::blow:


Very nice!!


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;1006494]Another SCARY imposter… EEK! :eek::blow:


I see “pooh” has a bag for tips :laugh:



One of my favorite things to do from the beach at our house is look out & see what color the top of the Empire State building is. Obviously I can only do this on clear nights :laugh: but tonight (WAY more close up than the view from my house) you can see it’s red & gold?!!? Can’t guess that one. Sometimes the NY local news will mention why it’s a certain color (like lighted pink for breast cancer awareness, etc.) but I don’t know what these colors are for. (Garnet & Gold? Seminoles in the house? Who knows :tongue:)

ACK! I’ve never ever seen our NJ Transit hallway in Penn Station THIS crazy busy. I was so surprised, but I guess because it’s a holiday weekend. I usually avoid NYC like the plague around holidays. :laugh:

That’s it! Nighty Night!


Wishy … You have the greatest reports!!! I love the pics, and really can’t wait to see the movie.

I will also be awaiting your review on “Alice” when it comes out next year!!!
Awesome thread!!! :pirate:


[QUOTE=WALL;1006519]Wishy … You have the greatest reports!!! I love the pics, and really can’t wait to see the movie.

I will also be awaiting your review on “Alice” when it comes out next year!!!
Awesome thread!!! :pirate:[/QUOTE]

OH! I CANNOT wait for Alice!!! It would be sooooo cool if they did the same thing for that movie. We’ll see!


What a great time you must have had! Thanks for posting this mini TR and I love your photos!
My girlfriends and I are doing a NY shopping trip next Saturday, via NJ Transit, and the crowds look massive! But that is the city and it is so beautiful during the holidays.


Red and Gold = THANKSGIVING! :happy:

AWESOME REPORT!!! I can’t wait for the girls to come home so I can show them. So COOL you saw the movie like this . . . I can’t wait to see Alice either!! :heart:

See you soon!! :heart:


Just some of the goodies.


I want that frog cup! :wub:

Great report, thanks for sharing an awesome event with us!! :happy: