Just got home!


We had a great time, a wonderful trip with only afew fights, but now we are home and I am so tired. I have to clean the house and do all the laundry, work day tomorrow… but I have some exciting news…

Something wonderful happend to my Miss SMIG… it’s just unbelievable…

I am hoping to get something posted by tomorrow… :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


Welcome home, welcome home!! You were so missed! What happened that was wonderful??!??!


WOW, that seemed FAST! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Welcome home!


Oh, you can’t tease us like that!


Welcome home!! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip.


LOL, welcome home! :mickey: I can’t wait to read the TR!


Welcome home! Glad to hear that you had such a wonderful trip! :smile:


I can’t wait to hear what happened to Miss SMIG!!!

Thank you for the postcards!!! :wub:

Welcome HOME!


Wow, talk about a cliffhanger! Glad you had a great time! Did you get the pins I left at the resort okay?


Not going to threadjack. :glare:

Gonna be nice. :happy:

Nothing untoward. :mellow:

Made a promise to Dana! :laugh:

SO, don’t leave us in suspense!!! :ohmy: :confused:


Wow… that was really cruel.:pinch: You’re killing me! What happened?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot … Welcome Home.:laugh:


This is just so mean! Spill it lady…the house and laundry can wait.



Welcome home, you big meanie!!! Thanks for leaving us hanging!!! I can’t wait to hear what happened!!!


Yeah, Welcome Home!!! Can’t wait to hear about your trip and Miss Smig’s news.


Yeah - no teasing - spill the beans.


you took the words right out of my mouth Ginger. How can she do this to us?


Welcome home girlies! :heart:


Yes we got them!Thank you SOOOOO much!Oh, and, I’m not telling!:tongue:


grrrrrr, this is sooooo unfair. I am sitting here wondering what it could be that was so fantastically amazingly unbelievable.


Oh man, I wanna know now! Welcome back!