Just got my Photopass CD - Here's a few Pics


We received our Photopass CD today. I highly recommend doing the photo session if you pre-order the CD, it’s totally worth the extra money. The photographer spent about 40 minutes with us and did a wide range of photos all around the Wilderness Lodge resort. We haven’t had a professional family photo taken in years so this was high on my list of things to do. Here are just a few of my favorites.


Beautiful pics!!! They did an awesome job!!!


Wow, those were great!


Beautiful pics an beautiful family. I am glad you had a positive experience.


They are terrific pictures!
I love black and white photos and the beach photo is pretty nice too.


Wow, great pics! I love the one of your family on the beach.


great! I love photopass.


Great pictures!! How did your special session work? Did you get to pick the location or did they?

Thanks for sharing.


[QUOTE=staceyheis;917986]Great pictures!! How did your special session work? Did you get to pick the location or did they?

Thanks for sharing.[/QUOTE]

If you’re interested you call Photopass at 407-934-4004 and book your sitting time 30 days prior to your stay. The sessions are offered at Grand Floridian, Saratoga Springs, Polynesian, Beach Club and Wilderness Lodge. We were staying at WL so that’s where we had our pictures taken. It really was a lot of fun.


Love the photo shoot, you all look like your having a great time:heart:

I think the photo pass is the best thing that Disney do, We are considering the photo shoot at GF on our next trip. Pleased to see that you recomend it.


Were going to have to try photopass our next trip. Thanks for sharing some of yours


Beautiful pictures! Do you have to be staying on property to book a session?


Our photopass book came in yesterday and is awesome. I am still wating for the cd. Maybe today?


Great photos. If you don’t mind me asking, how much extra is it to do the photo session?


What beautiful pics…your family is gorgeous! :wub:


I’m interested in how much the session is too. Your pictures turned out so lovely that I might book one for our trip in May.


Great pictures!!! Lovely family!!! I especially like the black and white one.


Love the pictures…


Oh I love your photographs what a beautiful family you are- and what a great idea too.


New Member here! Long time viewer - first time posting! I’ve always enjoyed reading all the great tips/advice, keep up the good work everyone!!
I’d love to hear more from anyone else that has done the private photo sessions and any info on costs etc. We are heading back in March and would love to have this done!!