Just had to share this!


I ordered matching Disney tropical shirts for my boys and I, and a summer dress with the same pattern as the shirts for my wife so we could all wear them on the cruise! If I find a picture of them, I’ll post it here! If not, we will get plenty of pictures with the characters on the ship while we are all dressed alike, and I’ll post them with my “uber-detailed” trip report!

I bought the shirts/dress online at “disneyshopping.com”!

Yeah…we are SO totally a Disney family!! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :happy:


Awww…very cool AM! You are gonna have so much fun! Can’t wait to see all of you dressed in your Disney finnest!


very cool! Is it the dark blus island one or the light colored tiki one? Both are great!


Dana, they’re the light colored tiki ones! Here’s a “generic” photo for an idea of how they look:


Hey, it’s Reichen from the Amazing Race! Hmmm… I’m not buying the authenticity of that particular family group…


AM! You are all going to look so great! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures for us!! :happy:


Those are just adorable! You guys are going to be the cutest family on the ship! And I agree with Paula, pictures are a must!


That is awesome. You will be stylin’


I love that pattern…you guys are going to look awsome. Many photo opportunities with matching owfits! TAKE THOSE PICTURES! Better still have someone else take them so we can see the whole lot of you.


Those are so cute! You will look great! Can’t wait for the pictures!


How cool… have a great time!


I would like to try this, but my guys would mutiny. I would end up duct taped to a seat on a flight to Juno (thats in Alaska, P’tink).


Boss Juno is pretty nice this time of year… might want to rethink… :cool:


Beats the H/H here yesterday, huh?


Why thank you for that heads up about Juneau, Boss :dry:

<goes to find the duct tape>


I’m just sayin’


hey, if I buy the same shirt, can I come too? :biggrin:


Shouldn’t we warn Juno? :angel:


i just ordered (and received) the same dresses for me and dd!!

they are really comfy…only problem i found is that the material is a heavier cotton (almost feels like flannel) material.


Don’t worry, there will be “pictures a’plenty”! :happy:

Anyone who remembers my trip report from last year knows that I’m very detailed, and I post lots of pictures!

Oh, and gingles, sure, c’mon along! The more folks we get to all wear the same pattern, maybe Disney will give us all a bulk rate!! :happy: