Just Home Trip Report Day 1&2


Well this is my first trip report so be understanding.
We left last Friday after a half -day of school for the 2 oldest and only traveled as far as Louisville knowing Saturday would be a full travel day. Saturday started early and let me tell you it was a long day on the parking lot they call I-75. We were hung up from a little south of Atlanta all the way to Valdosta never going more than 20mph. We checked in at midnight in Lake City, FL for a night of sleep. We found out that there had been a multi-fatality accident which on top of the construction caused the massive delays. We woke up and got on the road around 10 for the short trip to WDW. We checked into the Grosvenor early afternoon and what a view we had of the whole WDW area from our 11th floor room facing DTD. We decided to relax our first day by the pool and then some shopping and dinner at Mickey D’s at DTD to give the kids a day to unwind.
Monday: Off to the MK. We arrived around 10 and the crowds were not bad at all. The longest line we saw was 50 minutes for Space Mountain but FP’s were plentiful and not a long wait. The 3 oldest loved Stitch’s “ride” and the DW and I used the kid swap and they got to go in twice each. The Castle looked great so those of you worried about the look of it don’t be worried. The Cinderellabration also was a great show that our youngest DD was ecstatic about. As we were sitting down for a late lunch at Casey’s right before the parade we heard quite a surprise. One of the high school’s from South Bend was one of the pre-parade bands. The kids got a kick of that.


Ok, continuation of day 2. After the parade we headed back to the hotel to let the 2 oldest swim and the 2 youngest nap. Around 7 we headed back to the MK for Spectromagic(only one of the week) and Wishes and go to to the Character tent and to see Mickey. We went over to Toontown while most of the crowd was waiting for the parade and rode the Barnstomer and then over to see Mickey and Pals. Their wasn’t a line at all to see Mickey or any of the others so we marched right through. We hung out after Wishes to wait out the crowds and then it was back to the hotel.


Great TR! Sounds like the drive was rough–but hey–you were headed to Disney World right??
Can’t wait to read more!


keep going, more, more…Not that I want to be pushy or anything. :laugh:

How old are the kids?


Ok day 3:
Off to MGM. We arrived around 10 and preceded to get FP’s for the 1pm showing of the Extreme Motor Car’s show. We were able to get FP’s right away again for TOT and RNR. While the DD and I rode those 2 the rest of the crew went to Honey I Shrunk the Kids playset. We rode the 2 and then got more FP’s for later. We went to join the rest of the family and they had a blast as we waited for the 1pm show. As we got in the line we were all excited to see the brand new show. But alas, as we were just about to enter the stadium a CM came on the PA and announced that the show was cancelled for saftey reasons. We were all bummed but they said everyone in line would be allowed to see the 3:55 show. As we left the stadium we walked right into the Power Rangers. This made the kids forget the disappointment(or was that mine) of not seeing the show. We then walked over to see JoJo and Goliath and then to Animation Studio to see the Incredibles. It was a short 10 minutes to see them after a great movie on animation starring Mushu. Bob was the onlu one there but we got pictures with him and he stamped our autograph books. Yes stamped because you know he would destroy pens and books because he is too strong. After that the DD and DW rode TOT and RNR as the rest of us ate a snack. It was then time to head back to EMCSS for the 3:55 show. This time we headed right into the stadium and sat down ready for the show. It went off with a few hitches but they tell you that right away that they are still practicing for the opening on May 5. It was an awesome show and the kids loved it just as much. After we had a short time until our PS at Hollywood & Vine so we walked around and let the kids see if they could trade some pins. We managed to trade some for some Disneyland ones and also a Disney Paris one also.
Hollywood & Vine was a great dining experience which I highly recommend. After it was off to Fantasmic which was great as usual.


Ok, next day at BB and Epcot:
We decided to go to BB for the morning and picked a great day. It was a little overcast and about 82 or so. My youngest DD was very brave riding a few of the slides(3 years-old) and our youngest DS(1 1/2) loved the kids area. Our 2 oldest( 9 year-old DD and 7 year-old DS) had the best time and were wore out around 2pm. We went back to the hotel and ate sandwiches in the room and rested for a bit until around 6 for our trip to Epcot. The oldest had to get some things from the different countries of her heritage for school so we made our way around World Showcase as they completed the Kidcot stops. The CM’s were all so friendly and the kids just loved meeting people from all the different countries. We watched Illuminations over by France and then hopped on the baot for the trip to the Boardwalk where we had driven to and parked. We strolled along the Boardwalk and got some dessert before heading back to our hotel.


Sounds like you had a great view, sorry to hear about all the traffic - at least it wasn’t your family in the accident though (that’s what I tell myself every time I get outraged at bumper to bumper traffic). I’m really pleased to hear that your kids enjoyed EPCOT - a lot of kids get bored with it. Can’t wait to hear more!:mickey:


Ok, here is Thursday at the AK:
We had PS at Donald’s Prehistoric Breakfastasaurus for 8:10 and arrived at the AK gate at 7:40. There were 3 other vehicles in line to enter and we were told they would open the gate at 7:45 which would leave plenty of time to enter, park and make our way to Dino Land. Well 7:45 passed, 7:50 passed and we were finally let in to park at 7:52. We made the walk and arrived exactly at 8:10 to check in and our name was quickly called for our seating. We immediately saw Goofy and Donald and Pluto and Mickey quickly followed which made the kids very happy. The buffet was plentiful and the Krispy Kreme donuts were a big hit with the kids. Our server was wonderful and very attentive which for me always makes for a successful meal.
We finished at 8:50 and our oldest DD and I decided to make our way to Dinosaur. It was nice having the park pretty much to ourselves at that time since it doesn’t open until 9. We got to Dinosaur and there was only 1 couple in front of us as we waited in line for the ride to start up. The CM kept us occupied by asking us where we were from, etc for a few minutes then we were set to ride. The DD loved it but I couldn’t talk the oldest DS to ride it. The DD and DW rode it right after without any wait too which we enjoyed. It was still only 9:10 so we went over to enjoy the other rides at Dino Land with the kids and rode Triceratops with them and the coaster 4 times with the oldest DD. The oldest DS was almost talked into riding it but was relieved to find out he was not tall enough I think. We left Dino Land with the promise that they could play at the Dig later and headed around towards Everest to get a few pics and some sneak peeks of the progress. The wait for Kali River was nothing so I took the 2 oldest on it and was lucky to not get too soaked. I think they enjoyed “shooting” water at the other riders more on the bridge after the ride to be honest. We then walked towards Kilamanjaro and got a FP since it was an hour wait. Question here, why don’t people use FP? We have since they started it and LOVE IT. We decided to take the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and let them run around the petting zoo and see some surgery being done on a tropical bird. They stood and watched for 5 minutes and were amazed at the process. We ran into Pocahantos and Stanley too which made the 2 youngest quite happy. It was then time to get back for our FP for the safari and it was the funniest one we have ever been one. Our guide had the hiccups and had the whole vehicle laughing and really enjoying the ride. She was having as good a time as us too. We then headed for Lion King to see the 2:00 show and it was great as usual. We ate a late lunch(after the big breakfast we could) of pizza and the kids were about done for the day. We walked back and the kids were on the lookout for pins to trade and found a couple CM’s they traded with. It was a good day at the AK for all.
Around 5 the oldest DD and I headed back to MGM to pick up a shirt for the oldest DS from the Extreme Car Stunt Show and 5 minutes before the 5:30 parade a deluge of rain hit. They went on with the show but I know it wasn’t one of the best parades for all involved. It continued off and on for 30 minutes then finally stopped. We made our way back after stopping to talk to some really nice CM’S including 2 from Disney Hong Kong working there on a exchange. One older CM even gave my DD a Jack Jack pin which was Incredible to say the least. We got back to the hotel around 7 which gave my DW and oldest DD time to head to the MK for a few more rides of Space Mountain. I stayed in the hotel and the 3 kids and I ate popcorn and watched a movie and then watched Fantasmic and Illuminations from our room.
Friday we checked out at 10:15 and headed over to DTD to do some last minute shopping for clothing, toys, etc. with “The Happiest Celebration on Earth” on them and also to eat lunch before heading home. The kids were insistent on Mickey D’s but I played the Dad card and we ate at the Earl of Sandwich after reading some of the great reviews on here about the place and they were correct too. The PB&J was a hit as was the grilled cheese and the meatball sandwich was awesome too. Pleasantly full we loaded up and hit the road for home. All in all it was a great trip. We did miss a few perks of staying at a Disney hotel but the Grosvenor was all in all almost as nice. The only drawback we saw was the transportation. They did have the Disney transportation but just not as timely or plentiful but the view we had of the WDW property was awesome.


Your trip sounded wonderful. I am glad everyone enjoyed themselves!


Sounds like you had a really good time and good for you for sticking to your guns about the Earl of Sandwich! Thanks so much for your report!


What a great report! Thanks so much for sharing… so glad everyone had such a wonderful time!


We were traveling northbound on 75 that same Saturday. We have never experienced anything like that!!! We had a CB so we heard that there was the accident with fatalites at mile marker 105 so we got off 75 twice to try to go around the accident. We tried north on 41 and that was a parking lot also.
It was frustrating as it took us 13 hours on that Saturday to get to 1 hour north of Macon GA, which should only take about 6-7 hours!!


Sounds like a great trip----not start posting those pictures lassy!


I have one of our DisneyPhotoPass pages address also if anyone is interested. It is disneyphotopass.go.com/DPI/r.d.?i=43667535.