Just imagine if this had happen at a Disney Park


just a minute ago on the local news there was a brief story about this… if it had happen at WDW or DL it would be a major story… but this goes to show that it’s only a major story if it happens at Disney :ph34r:
Shreveport weather stormtracker KSLA News 12 ArkLaTex Ark-La-Tex Doppler Texarkana Bossier MarshallChild Hit By Stray Bullet At Arkansas Theme Park


Oh that’s awful! Poor kid. Hope he/she? is ok. I can’t imagine how that COULD happen at Disney.


Yep… Only in Arkansas… My brother was in Hot Springs over the weekend. He said it wasn’t him that shot the gun :laugh:

I agree with you though, Tink. If this had happened at WDW, they would have somehow figured out a way to blame it on Tigger or something… :eek:


Thats what I am saying …it would be national … no make that World Headlines.

and catfish1999, they said the child was doing ok.


Oh good heavens! If that happened at Disney, what a mess the media would make of it!

So was the child okay? :sad: How sad!


I don’t see how that could happen at Disney, since (at least when I worked there) they were a no-fly zone. Disney pretty much owns that land seperate from the rest of the county, and unless someone tries hunting the wild turkeys…I just don’t see it happening.

Sad day, though. Hope the kid is okay. :frowning:


Poor kid…out havin’ fun, and BOOM…shot. :c(

I’m glad she’s ok.


Well… With a 22 shell, and if it was really just shot up in the air and came down and hit the kid, it was probably more of a burn than anything else… Not fun by any means, but not really a gunshot wound. Not like it sounds…


CAn you imagine how much of a brouhaha the media would have made of that if that tragedy had happened at WDW? Holy smokes…


the sad truth is, sooner or later something like this might happen. i guess it is a sad part of living when we do…

i pray it never does, but considering twhat is goin on in the worls, i am kind of surprised we haven’t heard about something like this already…


Wait, this DID happen at Disneyland! I’ll have to go look it up, but this is how I remember the story…

A little girl (I believe) was on the train sitting with her back to the peremiter of the park. She made a remark to her mom that something hurt in her back, mom looked and low and behold the girl had a bullet wound. If I remember correctly, the authorities decided the bullet was shot far offsite, and had slowed down just enough to only harm the child slightly.

I’m off to find a link runs off


i wonder how many people bring firearms into the park? unless we all start going thru metal detectors, there is no real way to check for it.


That is sad for the girl and her family. A theme park like that is the last place you expect anything like that to happen. I’m glad she is okay.


Here is the story. I copied it from a strange/unhappy website that I’d rather not link :ph34r: , but I lived in LA when this happened. Does anyone else remember this? The media tried to make a BIG deal out of this, but toned it down rather quickly.

February 1990
February 12, 1990 6:08 p.m.–Nayeli Diana Placentia’s an 8-year-old girl was hit in the back by an apparent stray bullet as she rode the Disneyland Railroad in the Fantasyland section of the Anaheim park. The train was pulling to a stop at the Videopolis train station
Anaheim Police Lt. John Cross said the shot apparently was fired from outside the park but there were no reports of shootings in the area. February 13–Surgeons removed a medium caliber bullet that embedded in the lower right portion of Nayeli Diana Placentia’s back.


wow I had never heard that.
for those thinking the weapon was brought in the theme park … they said that was not the case …see they are always warning people not to shoot up in to the air …because that bullet has to come down some place…:pinch:


Such a shame…wow. Yes, if it happened at a disney park it would have been all over the news…pity how the media loves to have negative things on the news about such a magical place. I guess they love to show any kind of flaw or bad incident it what many people consider a perfect place.


Wow!! I’m glad the little girl was okay.


If the Dew Man wasn’t from Arkansas, I’d have a slew of jokes to throw out right now.


I’m sure they’re funny, so change them to “Alabama.” :laugh:


Naw, we’ve got them around here too. I think I’ll just stick to ripping on the Amish.