Just in case


in another thread, Rowdy brought up the possibility of the COP being removed from TL at WDW. I have never felt the need to protest anything more!! so I want to know…how many of you are willing to join me and chain your self to the metal fencing if this becomes real?

I would really do this!! of course it is a good excuse to go to WDW …but I would do anything to keep this attraction open for my great grandkid’s kids!


I will be right there with you Tink! The COP is so special to all of us. I couldn’t imagine going to WDW and not seeing i!


I must have missed that news. It’s so sad to have these rides disappearing. I mean what’s next the castle, we should replace it with a condo? So what’s the plan?


ok we will need the help of a CM to get the chains in to the park … but if worse comes to worse and they decide to remove COP … we meet up the day before in TL …chain our selves to anything that can not be moved …heck maybe we could even chain ourselves to the seats inside… and ride till we stop them. We will need to set up bathroom breaks and food delivery.


Unfortunately I could get fired for partaking in “civil disobedience” so I guess I’ll just have to be on hand to make sure everyone has water and food. “Support crew” so to speak.


Does that include people who have lined up two hours ahead of time for the parade, they’ll never move.:laugh: :laugh:


I must be crazy because I’ve never done the CoP. Each of the last few times I’ve been there, it’s been closed.


why would they get rid of this ride? they really need to relax with this crap…

are these rumors confirmed?


as comfirmed as can be when it comes to WDW and the COP …since Rowdy is a CM and knows some of the inside info.

jo-jo, I dont think it would work being chained to the people watching the parade …it does not come close enough to the COP

Goofy Daddy, you will be put down on the list as support crew! you can run get turkey legs as needed!


:laugh: I’ll try, that is if I don’t eat them myself before getting to the brave chained revolutionaries! :blush:


I think I am just alittle confused… WHY?


from RowdyRaider’s post in another thread

Ya’ll keep talking about CoP guys. It’s a classic, one of the final rides Mr. Disney himself oversaw, and to this day is the most ridden attraction of all time. But there’s rumors going around about it being taken away and put in the Smithsonian. They’d never disassemble it due to it’s importance and significance, but there’s always a chance they’d remove it and put it away.


why the civil disobedience or why would they close COP?


Hey, let’s storm the place and have a sit-in!:pirate: :mad:


thats the spirit gingles!!!


I would chain myself to the fence in a heartbeat. :heart:

Guys, e-mailing Disney really does work!! I e-mailed them a HUGE letter about this issue in the past (I wish I saved it) and they actually called me and left me a really nice message, assuring me that there were no plans to remove the COP.

That was a year ago though. I feel the need for another letter coming on!


I would be happy to be part of this demonstration!!!


I’ll join you! DSs can be support crew. Mickey bars and Dole Whips…keep 'em coming boys!


ok a letter …but it would be more fun to protest in person don’t ya think?