Just keep smiling


:sad: A little sad, we would be leaving tomorrow :noo: but that is ok, we are going 2007 at Christmas instead :wub: I don’t know how to change my countdown clock :dry: We are still smiling and the planning is unbelieveable, we have never been at this time of year I know it will be beautiful :heart: I think we are more excited if that is possible then any other trip to WDW we have had :happy: so keep the trip reports coming , they keep me going :happy:


Christmas is the most beautiful time at WDW. Where will you be staying???


Pop Century


Mimi, you will have an amazing time!! Christmas and New Years are a blast at WDW, so many wonderful things to do and see that only happen at that time of year.


Sorry you’re not going tomorrow but glad you will be going. :smile:

To change your countdown…go to your “User CP”…then to “Edit Signature” and just change the date that follows “Countdown=” …Don’t forget to change the year as well. :smile:


Sorry you will not be leaving now but Christmas time is my dream. I work retail so I can not go at Christmas time :crying: . I can’t wait to hear your TR after your christmas trip. And pictures - lots of pictures! :mickey:


Sorry to hear you’re not going but at least you will make it in 2007. Get your Disney fix on as many websites as possible, it will help ease the disappointment.


Sorry your plans had to change, but Christmas is a great time to be there. Pop Century has some great decorations (so do the other resorts so, if you can, plan some touring time to look at them). And, of course, the parks are incredible then with some terrific special shows and events. Particularly, the Candlelight Processional at Epcot and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! I know you’ll have a great time.


I have to agree with everyone else…Christmas time is the most MAGICAL time at WDW!!! You will have a blast!!!


At least you have a trip planned. It could be much worse and have no other trip planned to replace this one… Keep your chin up…


Bummer about not leaving tomorrow, but, you’ll LOVE going at Christmas, like everyone said…

and you’ll love the POP! I do!


Oh chin up there sweety! Christmas time is just so incredible! You really have quite a trip to look forward to.


Christmas time is GREAT!!! There’s so much more to enjoy then. We’ll be here counting down with you!!!


Thanks everybody that is soooo nice and I will keep smiling and reading your increadible reports


Don’t just read. Join in the DC fun. In 23 more posts something “magical” will happen to you on this board. Just stay involved!


OK Cavey thanks and I don’t think I did the clock right