Just made my PSs


Just got my priority seatings done for Boma and Ohanna. My two favorite restraunts. One more thing off of my mind.


Thats great!! I love knowing where we are eating ahead of time too. We have PS for Ohana also, less then 2 weeks to go!! You been to Boma? Is it good? The CM who helped me with my PSs said it was great but we have never been


Isn’t that fun though??? I even count down to when I can start making PSs & I make them as soon as I can. I love the anticipation of knowing not just that we’re going, but knowing that I’m going to have wonderful food, too!


Been to Boma before, and loved it. The atmosphere is good, not what I’d call romantic, but it’s nice. The food was good, not your usual fare, although they do have soem old standbys on the buffet for those who arent too adventurous. All in all, it’s a nice place to eat. in a 1 out of 10, I’d give it a 7.


Congratso n making your PS’s. I love how close to my trip making my PS’s make me feel. Boma and O’hanna are excellent choices :cool: and two restaurants I enjoyed my last trip. :heart: