Just made our ADRs for our anniversary trip


Hi everyone I jsut got off the phone with disney. how cool is it to say that.

09/11/06 Crystal palace for Breakfast
dinner at 7:05 at LTT

09/12/06 Le Cellier at 7:50 pm dinner.
09/13/06 CRT anniversary dinner at 7:45 pm
09/15/06 Ohana dinner 9:00 pm. is this too late?
09/16/06 HDDR 7:00 pm.
09/17/06 Rose and crown 6:40 pm
09/18/06 ohana 8:30 am. breakfast

well opinions? any i should change?

i know on monday we have a sit down breakfast and dinner but we really wanted both and had to fit them in. i am sooooooo excited


Sounds great… we are there starting 9/16 - maybe we’ll bump into eachother


cool maybe we can set it up


I think it looks great. If 9:00 isn’t too late for you two to eat, then I don’t think it’s too late. If there is anything available earlier though, you may want to try to finish dinner in time to go down and watch Wishes from the Poly beach.


Congrats on your ADRs!

Mmm…Ohanas!!! I don’t think 9pm is too late…especially if you’re gonna stay up late after dinner:)


Looks good! All of your choices are excellent, your going to have some great meals. Your times seem late to me but I have an 8 year old and he wouldn’t make it that late and then sit through dinner so we eat earlier. If it were all adults in our group eating later woudn’t be a problem and 9:00 at 'Ohana would be fine.


yes when our kids were little we would never have eaten this late. but it is just the two of us. also we wanted to be able to do emh at AK. they clsoe at 8:00 so it will give an hour to get to Poly. this is our night at ak. we didnt want to leave the other parks on the other days to go eat. we have never been to any of theses places before except for the CP. other then these any other places we should consider. we may pay cash for the breakfasts so we will have two sit down dinner left.


can we see wishes from inside the restaurent?


I believe you can if you get a window seat. However, that is just luck of the draw…you can request at the podium. IMO it’s better to finish dinner and watch from the beach! :heart:


You can see Wishes form 'Ohana but it’s pretty distant. I would ask for a window seat, you may have a little longer wait but it’s worth it. We’ve even been one table from the windows and had a great view of the castle.


I agree…we got a table near the windows, but not an ACTUAL window seat and we had a great view! My son even ran over to the ledge (right next to people eating dinner!) and watched with another little girl. It was sooo cute! :wink:


I think it’s perfect. After your special anniversary dinner the night before, you guys should hit PI. Make it a late night and sleep in the next day and have a later brunch. That should make a 9pm dining reservation very doable. :heart:


They look great!!!


our plan exactly. cannot wait is PI or boardwalk better. I am so excited and cannot wait plus by spetmeber my last daughter will have left home so we will need something to cheer us up. :wub:


Your plans look great. As long as you think 9:00 is ok and you are comfortable eating at that time, I say go for it. On our last trip, we were able to watch Wishes from the window. We got a window seat and it was nice to watch the cstle change colors during dinner. I think it would definitely be worth a few extra minutes wait to get a window seat.


Would be great to meet… PM or email me and we can try to get together.


I haven’t been to PI in quite awhile, but I :heart: Jellyrolls at the Boardwalk. It’s great!