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So I have subsonicradio as my background music at work yesterday (which I do often). Now, mind you, I’ve been feeling some mighty PDD lately. As I’m listening to the music, and pretending I’m working, I’m realizing that I can identify where the music is from, oh, about half the time. Then I started thinking about it. I’m so caught up in the visual stimulus of WDW that I’m not really listening to the music as I go through the parks/attractions, etc. And I still can’t relate to the “smells” comments people have made. But then as I discovered I could actually identify more music than I thought I could, I realized that I’m subconsciously hearing the music. The ride/attraction queues are the most obvious ones to me. So I’ve decided I need to go back to WDW ASAP to focus on the music and the smells. Anyone want to go with me?? :happy:
Here’s my question: do you really hear the music and remember it, or are you like me and subconciously process it?


I know that, for the most part, I do not hear the music.
However, I do feel it.

I do know what every little spot or area in MK smells like and I actually look forward to those scents.


I think Im the same way. .I can remember what the smells are. Sometimes I smell something and Im like… Oh… MK…


Okay, next time I really have to focus on the smells. I feel like I’m missing out on something! :laugh:


The last few years we’ve been going the week after Thanksgiving so all we hear is Christmas music, which is nice, but other times, I’m not sure that I pay much attention to the music. Ah, but the smells. Those I’m aware of. I don’t think a week goes by that I don’t smell something from Disney. I’ve been known to stop dead in my tracks just to get a good whiff. I know, I know, crazy.:blush:


WDWRules, I also stop dead in my tracks if I smell something Disney-ish. One of my favorite things about the first few moments of a WDW trip are the smells - first the Florida sunshine smell when you get out of the airport, then the smell of your resort when you get there and then later all the assorted park smells. I love them all!


That’s exactly it. The smell of that Florida sun and everything else. I love smelling POR :laugh:


I do hear the music and remember it all. I always concentrate on where we are and what music is playing in the background…I can’t explain the feeling!!! And the smells…who can forget the smells?

I think WDW is an amazing trip for all of your senses! :cool:


I’m a smeller!! :laugh:
I never used to focus on the music in the queues…etc…until I bought the Happiest Celebration on Earth soundtrack a few years ago and I listened to it ALL the time. Now, I assosciate the ride with the music and last time I was there I listened for parts I recognized. The first few days I had the CD I kept saying…“That’s (Insert random WDW attraction here) music…I’ve never heard that!”


I do the same thing with my CD…except I have an older one. “Where Magic Lives”. I love it and it stays in my car at all times! :laugh:


Smells, sounds, they all do it for me. I can’t believe you started this thread Smee, I had such a Disney moment yesterday with my boys, even they commented on it!


Whenever I can’t necessarily identify exactly where a piece of music comes from, I can almost always associate a ‘feeling’ with it! It’s so weird…I mean, I might hear some background music from a random land/pavilion and immediately associate it with the popsicle I had on my trip in 2000. :huh: Or something like that! :laugh:

And DH and I are both soooooo big on Disney “smells”…we smell them everywhere! The biggest one for me is the restaurant at DH’s work. It smells (and sounds) EXACTLY like the lobby of the Polynesian! :crying: :wub: It has something to do with the food that smells like 'Ohana and the sound/smell of the fountains in the dining room. I LOVE IT!!!


OH MY GOSH, I love love love Subsonic radio! It’s AWESOME! I listen in the background all the time :heart:


we played the “name that tune” Disney version the other day. my husband was on I tunes, and he played the sample of the song, and I had to say where it was from (mostly movies)… It was hysterical because I got them all right, but he had no idea… the poor thing works too much!

Fun on a rainy day!


Because of this thread I listened to my CD all day and even choreographed a dance to “Clang Clang Clang Went the Trolley”…my dog loved it because I was finally as spazzed out as he is.


I just want to say that i am listening to “Star Tours” on Subsonic as we speak, before that I got the listen to the P&PP fireworks show, & other grand stuff! :heart:


I feel like I am missing something…what is Subsonic radio? :huh:


Okay, that made me laugh. :laugh:


Disney Theme Park Audio and Music :: Subsonic Radio :: Home

It’s awesome!!! :wub:


Seems we’re on the same wavelength quite often, limsy. Are we sisters or somethin’?? :laugh: