Just received the 08 vacation video


and we like it. Of course there are some repeats from former videos, but there’s also a lot of new things. What we noticed the most I think is how clear the video is. We’ve only watched it once this morning so am looking forward to watching it from end to end.:laugh:


We still have the Planning DVD from 05. Ds loves to watch it. I will have to send for the new one.


I got it in the mail the other day still haven’t watched it. I have a date with DD to watch it tonight. I can’t wait!!


Hhmmm… haven’t ordered it yet, should get right on that…


Thanks for reminding me. I’m off to order my now.


It’s not the same as the million dreams video? I have that one from last year.


No. They do mention the Million Dreams, but it’s definitely different.


I liked last years so much better. I thought it was much more exciting. I got 08’s and it was’nt as exciting as last years. I really liked Luke and Dave.


I guess I will watch mine tonight too. I got in in the mail a few weeks ago. Im just to busy to remember…


Oooh, I want details. I didn’t really like the YOMD DVD. What are the differences between last year’s and this year’s?


ordered it and didnt get it yet i did get the adventrues by disney beautifull but short.


I got 2007s video…is the 2008 video different? Thre 2007 video I got doesn’t have Luke or Dave…


ok so Im not as bad as needing the new video each year… between the commercials and the travel channel specials I think I get my fill… but hey to each their own! LOL


Thank you, I was just wondering if they were putting out a new video for 2008. I like to watch when I’m jonesin for some disney and can’t get on the computer.


my girls love watching those videos! we took a movie to our small group for the kids to watch the other night, and it was fight to convince DD4 that not everyone at church would want to see the disney planning video! they’d watch it all the time!

i ordered the new one, and am excited to get it! it’ll be a disney night for the girls and i!!


Mine just came last night, but I have to wait to see it untilt he new pot of coffee is ready to drink, and the toast has popped. I have to be in total luxury and comfort for maximum enjoyment! LOL


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: i’m on my way over, i want to watch it in luxury with you!!!:wub:


We get the video each year we go to Disney as that way we have another way to look back at what has changed over the years


We have kept all our planning videos from way back- they are such fun to watch.


Just ordered the new planning video. Rlander & I are going to use it as part of a surprise trip for DS graduation present!!!