Just reintroducing myself!


Hi! my name is Angie and I used to be an active disney central member around the 2002-2003 time frame. We had a big trip planned in 2003 and I made lots of friends here and got lots of helpful information for our trip. Unfortunately, soon after we got back from that vacation, we suffered some tragic losses in our family and I lost touch with my Disney Central pals as I was focused on other things. Since then, we’ve been back to disney 2x and we are planning the biggest trip ever in december of 2006. We will be staying at the Grand Floridian and we are very excited. Hurricane Katrina hit us and most of our family and friends very hard and we are looking forward to escaping to my favorite place in the world. I’m looking forward to being “back on” at disney central and hearing about everyone’s adventures and learning new tips.


Welcome back to DC :smile:


You were a member long before me but welcome back!


Thanks, I feel like my avatar is so low-rent compared to all the others I’m seeing. Back when I was on before they weren’t as spectacular as they are now. This is my same one from before but because my email adress changed, I’m a newbie again. Also, I see there are many different levels for posters now, that’s great. When I was here before, there were 3 or 4: newbie, mouseketeer?, big cheese and moderator ( I think, I might be mistaken) I’m glad to see how much this site has grown!


Welcome back to DC, Angie! :happy:

Can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming trip!!!


“Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcome back . . .”


Thanks for the warm welcome! :wub:


Hi there Angie! Welcome back to DC :mickey:


Thanks, I love your avatar, Daisy is our youngest daughter’s favorite!


So what was your old DC name? Not that too many of us would recognize it.


Welcome Back!!! :happy:


Welcome back to DC!!! (Or maybe you should be welcoming me!) I can’t wait to hear all about your past trips and watch your planning process for this December! I’m so sorry to hear about your losses and that you suffered with Katrina–hopefully the loving people here at DC will help with the healing process.


Welcome back Angie !! I am going in December too !! Can’t wait to hear all about your plans !


Welcome back! Where is Diamondhead? My DH and I visited the Waveland/Bay St. Louis area years ago and really liked it. Are you close to there? Just curious!


welcome back may disney bring a smile : )


Welcome Back angie!!

Hope all is well and you’ll visit often!!


Hi Angie and welcome back (even though I’m relatively new here myself)! I look forward to getting to know you!


Welcome back Angie :wub:
I am so sorry you’ve had a rough time with family and katrina (((e-hug)))
Sounds like a trip to Disney is just what you need!

Starting in 12 days I’ll be working in the Canada pavillion in Epcot so stop by and say hello :smile:


Welcome back!! Sounds like you have had some very difficult times. A trip to WDW is just what you need!!!


Hey, welcome back angie!!
I do think I remember you…