Just return from another great stay at CSR!


We arrived at 7:30am to check in, I was the only person in the lobby. Our room wasn’t ready but I was told that we were in cabana 8a. I was in and out in 10 minutes. We checked our bags with bell services and off to IOA we went. When we returned, our room was ready and bell services delivered our bags within 15 mins. Then we had dinner with friends at the Pepper market.

The weather was beautiful for most of our trip. The last 2 days the humidity started to kick up a bit but 6 of the 8 days were fabulous.

The resort was sold out but you could hardly tell. We never waited to get into the Pepper Market, the pool didn’t fill up until 11am the 2 days we spent there and the shuttles were running all over thanks to a convention (Skin Medica sp?), they paid for extra courtesy shuttles to be running all day.

As always, our stay ar CSR was simply magical. Let me know if you have any questions.

La Marina

Casita 5

Casita 3

Cabana 8b

El Centro & Pepper Market



Those are great pictures! I checked out your website too and its VERY good!


Thanks for the pics, Buzz!

Rose bud - 15 days - you go.


Love CSR!!! Took the same pictures over the past stays there. Glad you had a Magical vacation! Joe


Thanks for the report.
Great pictures! What a great looking resort.


Thanks for the report and the pics!


Thanks for sharing your pictures with us and giving us the report. On our last trip, we really liked the look of CSR. It is on our list of places to try.


Great up-to-date pictures. Thanks for sharing. This is really getting me psyched up for our trip in June. Do alligators frequent the lakes at CSR? My boys wouls have loved seeing that! So, you were in Cabanas 8A? That’s the building we said we preferred with a water view. We’d rather be by the main pool and bus stop than closer to the food court. Was it nice? Would love to hear more.


Oh I’m going, I just might make it. I just have a little thesis to finish. Thank you Boss Mouse!! - Sorry to hijack the thread


I love cabana 8a. I’ve stayed in this building on 4 ocassions. It’s a great spot. We were 20 yards from the pool and 50 yards from the bus stop. We were on the backside this time facing rancho 7b. It was nice, lots of little bunnies running around. It was a very quiet spot.