Just saw the new TV channel line up for the WDW resorts


Wonder if people will be able to find something to watch now?

Disney Resort Cable TV Stations

2 WESH-TV NBC Affiliate
3 ABC Family
4 CNN Headline News
5 Oxygen
6 WKMG-TV CBS Affiliate
7 Lifetime
8 Lifetime Movie Network
9 WFTV-TV ABC Affiliate
11 ESPN Classic
12 ESPN 2
13 ESPN News
14 ESPN Desportes Spanish Language Sports
15 Disney XD
16 DISe Disney Channel
17 TV Guide (What’s On TV) Listing of TV channels
18 Disney Info
19 WDW Today Park hours, entertainment, updates & more
20 Resort Information Channel Information about your Disney resort
21 DVC Vacation ownership with the Disney touch
22 Must Do Disney
23 Your Next Disney Vacation
24 Company Clips
25 ESPN Wide World of Sports News & Events
26 WMFE-TV PBS Affiliate
27 WKCF-TV CW Network
28 WOFL-TV Fox Affiliate
29 WDRQ-TV Independent
30 Future Use
31 WACX-TV Independent
32 ION ION Affiliate
33 WRBW-TV MyTV Independent Affiliate
34 WTGL-TV Good Life Broadcasting
35 Disney Convention News
36 Future Programming
37 Future Programming
38 Duffy Bedtime Story
39 Radio Disney
40 Food Network
41 History Channel
42 TLC
43 TV Land
44 Animal Planet
45 Cook Cooking Channel
47 Soap Net Soap Opera Network
48 BET Black Entertainment Television
49 A&E Arts & Entertainment
50 The Weather Channel
51 CNBC Financial
53 CNN
54 The Golf Channel
55 Fox News Channel
56 NFL Network Football
57 USA Network
58 National Geographic
59 Planet Green
60 Biography
61 TBS Turner Broadcasting
62 ESPNU College Sports
63 AMC Movies
64 Discovery
65 SyFy Science Fiction Channel
66 CMT Country Music Television
67 Bravo
68 NBCS NBC Sports
69 TNT Turner Network Television
70 We
71 Travel Channel
72 CBS SN CBS Sports
73 Disney Info
74 Disney Info
75 TV Japan Japanese TV
76 WOTF-TV Telefutura (Spanish)


Probably not. We gave up tv 3 years ago and have never missed it (except for football)


This past trip, when we turned on the tv and changed the channels, we came across a tv guide that looks exactly like Direct TV. So, kind of assumed they made some changes.


I can honestly say, its always on must do disney or the disney channel when we are there. The one night we got back early we wound up watching Criminal Minds and that 70s show. I felt dirty lol. I must be engulfed in ALL THINGS WDW! LOL


Wow…free wifi and more TV channels…lots of changes since I was there last…three years ago…

…although we are never in our room except to sleep so we hardly turn the tv on…wifi will be nice tho----can’t connect an iPad to Ethernet…lol


Nice list. It should make DH happy. As for me unless it’s Food Network (which is on the list) TV is pretty much needed as background noise.


ME TOO!!! They have Foodnetwork so I am SUPER happy!!!


I don’t watch TV on vacation. No time, no interest


I watch the Disney Channel or whatever on breaks and before I pass out at night. It’s not a make or break a trip thing for me…


Still no Comedy Central or Cartoon Network. Why am I not surprised?


Or Speed Channel


Well being foreigners we love American tv- and were so disappointed when the channels were seriously reduced. So the line up is better, but would love HBO (my favourite American channel) and Lifetime or LMN for those rainy day nap afternoons…


We don’t watch television at home, so we’ve never known there is anything missing when we were at WDW. We put it on the station that has the old Disney cartoons of Goofy and Donald when we are in our room.


I watch the resort channels, a lot and the kids fall asleep to the music on the hotel channel. This other stuff complicates it!


Ditto. In the mornings while we get ready.


The one and only thing I watch is must do disney and that’s not a priority, just something for background noise mostly!


I love
Travel Channel
and BET
plus the things to do disney station and DVC


Me too, especially at night when I get ready for bed.


You are braver than I! Do you at least catch FB at a sports bar or perhaps live at the game?


What no ITV for coronation street no BBC for EastEnders :laugh:

Duffy bed time story’s sounds nice for the kids to wind down to.