Just saw this...New technology coming to the Parks


DizTech 12 - Disney’s Nextgen: Writbands, Photopass and Experiences

What does everyone think?


As an option? Okay.

But it kind of sounds like a pain… especially for FPs… it’s easy now to gather up everyone’s tickets and send one person to the FP machine. Bracelets would be a pain.

Also- kids would want to wear them… until they take them off and leave them on the curb.


Great! Unless there is a power outage… or a computer glich. No proof that you had a fastpass or that your ride video will come out. I will see how well it works before I get too excited. Sounds cool though…


It looks really cool, but I worry about kids keeping up with their bracelet. I wonder how soon we may see this.


What would be really good is if they could put a tracking device in the bracelets - not only would it be easy to track down missing kids - it would be invaluable in tracking down wandering husbands.


Don’t think my boys would wear them (especially the colors they are showing) so they would put in their pocket instead, thus falling out of pocket a some point. Call me old fashion, I see nothing wrong with the key to the world cards. Why change them?


Trying to keep the competition moving… I suspect that there will be more of this tied to everything at the parks in a few years…

Kind of like the move from A-E ticket books to plastic cards… big changes…


Disney has been saying for a few year that they are working on customizing guest experience in the park. This is just a step towards that. They are spending billions on this initiative.

I like the idea of the expanding the Kim Possible type attraction. In ride customization would be really neat. There is so much they can do with this that would make my experience at Disney so much better than yours :tongue:


:laugh::laugh:THAT would be awesome! Neil does like to wander off.

I think the idea is cool. I want the purple one!


I think its a fantastic idea!! Technology changes and advances and Disney has to keep up with it. To me this is very similar to going to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean and having to weear a bracelet to prove you’re a guest. To me this would be easier, having to scan your wrist for things, always right there, always easily accessible for kids and parents alike.


[QUOTE=Dana;1087617]:laugh::laugh:THAT would be awesome! Neil does like to wander off.

I think the idea is cool. I want the purple one![/QUOTE]

:laugh: There was a thread in trip reports about putting leashes on kids - I wouldn’t do that - but I’d have no problem putting a leash on him!:wacko: The time I’ve wasted hunting him down.

(I like the purple one too - and I’d want to collect all the colours).


It sounds great. And it would be more convenient that carrying tickets/cards around. But as far as the fast-pass system, it might pose some problems. I often carry all the room cards with me and go ahead to get fast passes for all 4 of us since 1 person can move faster than 4 and it gives more time for the others to shop or eat.


I have mixed feelings, but I think if they offér it as an option rather than forcing people to do it, then it would be ok. I agree about fastpass…there’s always a runner and if everyone had to get their own fastpass it would stink. I’m really excited about seeing this new video option on the photopass, though!


Can you imagine the FP lines when the Brazilians are there?


Excellent point! I can just imagine the masses of yellow shirts. All shoving…and chanting. :pinch:


I predict that there will be a new FP type system that is integrated with the new RFID wristbands. Other parks have toyed with the idea of purchased “FP” type tickets.

What would be cool if they had more “Kim Possible” type games around the World and instead of prizes they reward you with “FP”. This would work for Disney because instead of standing in line you would be out in the park playing the game but once you were done you would be rewarded with quick access to the ride.

With this tech they could randomize puzzles enough that you couldn’t really predict them and they could make them way cool and entertaining. Heck with the tie in to ride wait times they could use the games to shepherd you on to lower volume rides looking for clues.

There is so much they could do with this tech…it has the possibility to change the whole Disney Park experience.


Couldn’t you just take everyones braclet with you to scan them and then take them back to everyone to put back on?


No need. Boss, Wall and Richard are in the Pub getting a refreshing…ahhh…beverage. :laugh:


THAT is just too scary to contemplate!:blink:


As fun as these look I don’t think i’d enjoy wearing a plastic sweaty thing on my wrist all day-every day for a week in the heat of the summer. Heck, I don’t even like wearing my Mickey watch after it reaches certain temps.:blink:

I also had a visual of the Brazzilians all waiting in line to scan their wrists. What a mess that would be.:wacko: