Just Signed Up!


After months, well ok years, of thinking about joining the DVC we just finshed signing the docs:happy: . 250 points at SSR. We took the bonus points and ended up with 750 to start of this adventure. Our plan is to bank the first 250 and use up 500 this January. This has been so exciting at the same time so nerve racking:blow: .

We really want to thank everyone for some great posts! Reading all the goods :laugh: and all the bads :angry: made this process of purchasing that much eaiser!


Well congratulations! :happy:


Congratulations! Welcome Home… It is so exciting. We are taking our first DVC vaction this October. We own a piece of the SSR with you!


How did you get from 250 to 750 points? Did you get 500 bonus points? I’ve heard people getting extra points, but never realized it was that much.


Congratulations!!! You will NEVER regret it! We signed up about a year & a 1/2 ago and I am about to go on the 6th Disney trip since!! :laugh: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE DVC ANNUAL PASS DISCOUNT!!

That is a whole lotta’ points you got there, ENJOY! We bought 160 at SSR (it’s just my husband and I, no children) but we ended up with double when we bought too and it ROCKED! We’ve been to DL twice since then and WDW 4times!! :biggrin:


I still don’t really understand how it worked but when we joined we ended up with 300 points instead of our first 160. Whatever, I was happy to use them! :laugh: I’m also proud to report they are alllllllll gone! :tongue::laugh:


Welcome Home!:happy: You’re gonna LOVE our neighbourhood!:happy:


I have thought of purchasing but haven’t yet so any tips please send my way . Congrat.


Promotion while they are closing out SSR.

Buy a total of X points contract, they give you X for 2006, you get X for 2007 plus a bonus of X points to get you started. In this case it’s 250 x 3. They are really only giving you X bonus points to use as a one time thing. But with an annual fee of $4 per point I’ll take em anytime!

WELCOME HOME, Neighbor :goofybounce:


Next time you travel to Disney… sign up for a tour. You will get all the info you need to make your decision. You can tour the resort, they will talk finances, other travel destinations. It is fun… You can even take the kids and they will watch them for you.


Welcome Home.

We originally bought 160 points in Sept 2005 then added 50 points in June 2006. They are all at SSR.
Wow the bonus points deal really gave you a great start.


WELCOME HOME! We own at SSR too! We love it! Best move we ever made! We have 210 points at SSR.


Congratulations! You will love it. And Welcome Home!


Congratulations and Welcome Home…


The current offer was $10 off each point or take double points. We took the points. I figured that it was a great way to get started. We could have chosen AK but the offer was only $8 off each point and the fees were higher.


Congrats and Welcome Home Neighbor!


I am seriously thinking about joining DVC… :cool:

Have to obtain financing first… :angry:

But there is a wealth of information from mousebuzzers! :wub:


Wow! that is quite a deal - was it for first time buyers only?


Congratulations!!! Welcome Home…


Congrats! Welcome to the DVC!!! You are going to love being part of the family.