Just Thinking of my favorite pool


Not a question here, just a reminiscence. I think of all the pools Ive visited, the Fort Wilderness “wilderness” pool is closest to me.

I was at out fitness center this afternoon watching the kids in the indoor pool. It made me think of late night bike rides from our tent to the wilderness pool. It is just a square pool with no slides, but it surrounded by trees and has the rustic music playing in the background. A few families are there, unconcerned about missing fireworks or sleeping early for a hectic day at the parks. We would swim for an hour or so, then ride back still damp through the darkness.

Ive been to Stormalong Bay and loved it. We also liked Old Key west and the Waterfall pool at Dolphin. But when I think of WDW, I think that old boring pool at Fort Wilderness spool is my favorite.



Aw, that’s a nice thought - and it’s true, it doesn’t have to be the fanciest pool - just the one with the good memories. I love the quiet “Froggy” pool (I call it that because fountains shoot out of frog’s mouths) at SSR. It’s always quiet and it overlooks the river and I can sit in it and watch the boats going to and from the Marketplace.:wub:


What a nice memory:)


Those kind of memories are the best. :happy: :heart:


For me, it’s Ol’ Man River at Dixie Landings (at least today it is… ask me again tomorrow.) I can remember our kids running up the steps to the slide, then sliding down into DH’s arms over and over… and over… and over…


I think one of my favorite places ever is the Quiet Pool at the Polynesian…my best friend and I had some awesome times there…granted, it was shortly after 9/11 when attendance was way down and the entire resort was practically deserted, but still…

I hope to come up with some more favorite, magical spots in 3-1/2 weeks! :happy: And these will be extra-special because they will finally be with my hubby. :heart: