Just to be sure about these tickets


If you buy a 6 day ticket with hopping and water fun added, after 4 days you realize you are not going to use all the days/extras. Can you then add the no experation option?


Yes indeedy! All you have to do is see Guest Relations at one of the parks or the front desk at one of the resorts and they will be more than happy to add that option. I was gonna do it myself one time but I was only loosing one day and figured it wasn’t worth the extra money.


You can add no expiry but it does get expensive. I have looked into it but you pay the no expiry price on the whole 6 day pass and not just the amount of days left.


The no expiration option is expensive…but if you have a bunch of days/options left, it’s worth it.


Yup…you can add anything pretty much at any time I believe. But I agree with others–if you can avoid purchasing days you know you won’t use I’d do that since the no exp. is expensive.


You can add options to tickets within the first 14 days of usage. :smile:


Haha yeah…I meant to say on your trip and my trips are never longer than 14 days so I refuse to think about people whose trips are because I am jealous of them…:laugh:


thanks everyone. It’s that cost that is making me wonder if it would be worth it, so I wanted to be sure it could be added later.