Just to share


Just a little old news…

One of my best memories has started cropping up in my mind a lot today. One May several years ago, we arrived on property and made that drive up to the Boardwalk. And they greeted us at the car, and the resort doors flowed open with a splash of air conditioning, and we strolled into the magnificent lobby where the kids were enchanted by the miniature carousel, and the view of the bay was incredible, and the concierge got us a great villa and last minute Spoodles reservations, and our villa’s bathroom was magical, and we ate french crepes on the boardwalk that night while the kids did cartwheels on the beautiful lawn. :wub:

That’s all… just wanted to share!


awwww…great memory! Thanks for sharing it:)


Ahhh - nice memory Miss Disney. :heart: I’m picturing it with you. :closedeye


What an awesome memory!!! I felt like I was there while I was reading it. I never stay onsite…always at Vistana! :wink:


Now that is a great memory. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Memories like that get us all through those rough spots between visits! Thanks for sharing!!!


sigh I wish I was there right now! Thanks for sharing your memories!


You have been telling the greatest stories lately! :biggrin:

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Sounds like the perfect first evening! Thanks Miss D!


That is a great memory! I LOVE the Boardwalk. It is my dream “someday” resort.


Simply PERFECT, MisDis.

You know, it reminds me that sometimes the best memories just HAPPEN at a certain moment, and aren’t necesarrily riding a ride or seeing the castle. Sometimes they just ARE…


Thanks for sharing - I can picture the WHOLE thing!


That must be it! I think I must be suffering from PDD, even though we were lucky enough to be at WDW in February! :crying: I didn’t even make it 4 months before that craving started again!!! Better plan another trip soon… :tongue:


That is a great one!

Last night I could not sleep and I had to go through some memories of my own. It sure helps to find that happy place.


Well you know, I have offered to be a postcard Pixie to all of you suffering from post Disney stress disorder! Leavin’ in 2 weeks! I’ll have lots of chances to pick up postcards…
I’m just sayin… :tongue:


MissDis, that’s one of the awesomest thing you could share! :wub: What a great memory. It’s making me miss WDW more than ever…but that’s okay, in a good way. :smile:


Thanks for sharing your wonderful memory. I could piture it as I read.


That gave me chills! What a perfect memory!!!


Im so glad you shared that magical memory. It reminded me why my DH and I spend whatever we can each year to make memories rather than buy things. Thank you so much for sending my thoughts down my Disney memory lane. Aren’t we all so lucky to love this place?!?! :wub: