Just visit bush garends april 9th


ok ok i know its not disney but yes i went to bush gardens on the 9th of this past month and i rode their new coster out their and wow

it was fun i rode it twice along with all the other rides then it started getting busy around 12:30 so my husband and i left because i did not feel like waiting half hour for the rides.

but we got their at 8:30 and was in the park by 9 am so we got to ride almost all the rides anyways in three hours.

new cosater ride is cool its like your about to fall off the coster once u get to where u are going to drop and go down. it hangs their for few seconds before it drops u kindaof like the doom ride at universal. their are two drops in the ride and it does it both times and wow i about pee pee my pants.



Nothing wrong with visiting other parks. Glad you liked the new coaster. It sounds pretty cool.


I don’t think I would have the courage to ride that coaster. I would definitely embarass myself.


thank u yes it was alot of fun best time to go to all the parks is during the off season though witch starts sep though feb

i went during spring break witch i totaly forgot was going on but oh well i still had fun but i am ready to go see disney still trying to talk husband to going their for a day.



Sheikra is only the third of it’s kind in the world. It is the only one that has an inversion, the loop, and the only one to have two braked 90 degree drops. It’s also the first and so far only coaster in Florida to top 200 feet. Busch Gardens has a really good selection of coasters. It’s funny to think that Scorpion and Python were once state of the art thrill rides. Today they’re almost looked on as big kiddie coasters or family coasters. I just wish Disney would carve out a section of the property and build a park devoted more to coasters.