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My account just got activated tonight…My wife and I are addicted to this site, everyone has really helpful info. Me my wife and son (4) and daughter (2), are headed down July 6th and staying at the ASMo. Any advice for our first family trip especially with two little ones?


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Welcome to Mousebuzz, Jack! My advice would be to ask questions here, search the board and maybe get a copy of Fodor’s WDW with Kids (I think there is a with Toddler’s version as well) - it has a lot of neat ideas in it!:mickey:


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Hi we just found out about this site in March. I was so glad to be told about it as we are in NY and everyone here on this board helped us. With in just 2 weeks time of my first post they all helped me change my thinking of going in December 2008 with our just turned 2 and 3 year old toddlers to now us going in September 2008 for the FREE Dining. I also am now putting everything I buy on my Disney Visa card and paying it off in full every single month to be able to get enough Disney rewards to use on our September trip. Free dining August 24 - Sept 20, 2008

We are also staying at All Star Movies! Good luck with this site and welcome! This is truly the best web site ever. Everyday I find some excuse to sign on while my 2 children nap to see what new things people have posted. I have never had so much fun meeting such kind hearted people. I wish everyone here lived near me as my town would be so much more fun!

I hope you ask many questions I sure did and everyone was nice to give us great answers!


We have it trust me…I think we have every Disney book available…I meant to include this in my original post…we have made ADR at the following places…Crystal Palace, Sci Fi Drive in, Rainforest Cafe, and San Angel Inn (both my pickey eaters will eat Mexican)…Good choices for little ones?


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I thought my (at the time) 2 1/2 DGD would be afraid at Sci fi, but she loved it. She also liked crystal palace. We (my DH and I) like San Angel Inn but someone else might comment about it for young kids. I think the service might be a bit slow for little ones to wait.


I would actually check out the menu for San Angel Inn - it is traditional Mexican - my DS4 (at the time) would not eat the kids Quesadilla. :glare: The other places you picked are perfect!

Here is a link to the menu…San Angel Inn Kid’s Menu - Mexico - World Showcase - Epcot


Welcome to mousebuzz!! I am so glad you are finding this site helpful.

My best advice to anyone heading to WDW with little ones, especially in the heated summer, is tour in the mornings…be on hand for the park openings and take the break at lunch…take the breaks, take the breaks…take the breaks.


Hi there Jackolive! Welcome to Mousebuzz & have fun here, we’re glad to have you! :biggrin: There are some amazingly wonderful folks here & I hope you get all the info you’ll ever need.

PS: I love your username. It probably has NOTHING in the world to do with it but it reminds me of a sweet Jack Russell Terrier named Olive. :heart: (Anyone familiar with that story, “Olive, the other Reindeer?”)


Welcome to Mousebuzz!!! Enjoy your stay. It’ll be a long one . . . :laugh:


I loved CP (Crystal Palace). I already had a good amount of Disney info when I joined in March but let me tell you, talking to other people is a big help. Plus if you need to vent about the “non-disney” people out there, were hear to listen…and comment!:closedeye
Rainforest Cafe can be a bit scary for the little ones. We went last year with my at the time 18 month old DD and she was nervous at first :blink: when the Gorillas started making noise and moving. But then she got used to it after a while. So be prepared to calm them and make it fun, not scary for them. It is a great place for kids tho. I don’t know about the others.
I would also suggest Ohana, Chef Mickey and Boma. The kids sections always had something for my picky eaters. But be prepared for the-hey there’s Mickey, WOW! and when they get close…FREAK OUT session. DD had to kee them at bay until the end of the trip.
We try to show as many things as possible so she knows what to expect now. We keep Disney a daily thing in our home. Things like the vacation planning DVD helps them SEE wht the charecter will look like outside of the TV versions. Show pictures and talk about it. You can find a lot of things on YOUTUBE. And if possible do the MNSSHP!
Hope this is good info!
Don’t forget to check out Dana’s Super Packing List!!!


Greetings and salutations…this is definitely the best site for Disney fans to discuss the Mouse :slight_smile:


Welcome to MB! As you already know this is the NUMBER ONE Disney source! (IMHO)

Being I’m a FL resident and have braved WDW TWICE in July . . . follow what Dana said . . . up early to the parks . . . back to the resort for swimming and nap in the afternoon (1-4pm) and HYDRATE!!! Drink LOTS of water, take a washcloth from the room you can wet and put on your neck! IT IS GOING TO BE VERY HOT and CROWDED! (but fun nonetheless!) :happy:

Parks are opened late . . . it will still be HOT, but with the sun down . . . better!

So tip #2 . . . go with a plan . . .map out what you want to see and do the night before and don’t forget to use FASTPASS!! (best invention ever!)

It was 102 here in SOFLO today . . . 97 yesterday . . . so it’s HOT already!

OH, and bring your own carriage . . . double strollers are $31/day to rent now . . . :eek: yikes!


Welcome! I’m glad you love it here! (I’m a tad bit addicted myself!)

My most important piece of advice is to be well rested. :laugh:

I will need to know more details (like every SINGLE detail) to better give you any advice!!


Welcome to you, too!! I love Inns!

and you forever more shall be known as “Martini” even if your thing really says Marti, cuz all I’m seein’ is Martini Madness!! :laugh:


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I think San Angel has the BEST atmosphere of ALL the restaurants that have ever existed or will ever exist in the future. :pirate:

How many places can you eat that have a ride AND a volcano/temple thing in them and make you think you’re dining outside on a comfy night when really it’s really 5000 degrees in the early afternoon!??!?!

No where but San Angel, my friend! :heart:

The food is good, but the atmosphere is stellar.

I’d skip Rainforest, but many other people love it. It does look pretty cool from the outside.

You can’t really go wrong with Crystal Palace. I think that’s a great choice!

Sci-Fi is another one I’ve never done, but I’ve been in there and it looks really neat. I think DisneyTeacher’s son LOVES it. It is just sorta like burgers/fries, but more expensive so I never have been pulled to try it.

With a four and two year old I’d try to switch Rainforest to Chef Mickeys or try an Ohana Breakfast. (Stitch!!)

But, that’s just my opinion and we all have those here! :laugh:

I bet you’ll love AsMo. It’s got the best theming of the All-Star resorts!

HOw many nights will you be there?


SUN BLOCK! Please remember to keep your kids covered. Give them lots of time to cool down during the day. Early mornings, with lots of breaks in AC places. If they start to get cranky, take them back to the room or to the Baby Care Center at each of the parks. Here is a great link Sun Survival Tips

If the kids get miserable, you will be miserable. Watch for the signs of them being worn out. At that age, they aren’t going to be as excited as you and may experience some sensory overload. Don’t force them to go to Mickey Mouse. The crowds will be large and that can be a little daunting. I know that my kids weren’t completely comfortable with the atmosphere until 3-4 years old with their 2nd or 3rd trip. And we only go when the crowd levels are low. If they seem over-stimulated from the parks, get them to the kiddy pool at the resort or the playground. That is quite a bit less intense.

Plan your meals around you, not them! Take them to local places that have characters in costume to see how they respond. I know you want all of those cute pictures with Mickey and friends, but, if your kids freak out when they come near, nobody is having a good time.

PLAN your days before going. Have a game plan. Do the must do stuff first. You will not do everything, but, you can get the important things done. The more you get your kids accustomed to crowds, the easier it will be for them.