Just wondering about Pin values


Hello - just wondering about pin values - is there a guide book or website? Some older pins on eBay seem overpriced, but if they are really “rare” I would be more willing to pay more. I am thinking of a guide book like I had for my Beanie Babies (remember them? :slight_smile: )

Thanks Ya’ll!


There has to be some kind of guide. Our mega pin trading member doughnut should be able to answer this. I’ll send her a pm.


Why yes there is! A Complete Guide to Disney Pin Trading: Tomart’s 5th Edition Disneyana Guide to Pin Trading is the most updated guide. It can be purchased online or at any pin cart in WDW. I believe the website is www.tomart.com. It is the best one I have found. Hope this helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.


Thanks doughnut…you rock!


My pleasure! Thanks for the PM!
CoolestMom!! PM me if there is anything I can do to help you out! :wink:


The only thing about Tomart though is that their value prices are way off…one reason is due to the fact that values are chaning all the time. They really aren’t that accurate but it is a good book to look through. Pinpics.com displays the regular prices that the sold for in the parks but not the current value. It’s kind of hard to find a reallly accurate and good value guide for pins :’(.


If you have a rare pin in mind, and you start looking for it on eBay, you may find a WILD range of prices! For instance, that giraffe pin I wanted so badly went for $38 on day, and then three days later, the giraffe pin AND the matching elephant, rhino, hippo and the large AK pin that goes with the set… all five pieces!!! – sold for less than $18.

You just never, ever know when you get on eBay!


Ain’t that the truth? You can also get some interesting finds under misspellings–like Chesire Cat iso Cheshire Cat…