Just wondering


We made our first trip to WDW this Christmas and just loved it! So much in fact, that I’m planning another trip for this Christmas. I was just wondering, if the 50th anniversary theme is over in the fall, what will the new theme be or at least when will that be announced? If anyone could help me out with an answer I would appreciate it.

by the way, I am new here and would like to thank everyone for being so informative and kind, it’s wonderful to be here :smile:

                                         Thank you,             Lynn


I am so glad that you are heading back to WDW. I have no idea what the new theme will be after the 50th. They may not have a theme for a year. It hasn’t been announced yet. Happy planning your new trip and welcome to DC.


Thank you Dana, I was so afraid I wouldn’t get a response. Thank you for being so kind.


You will always get a responce on here. Saturday morning are just a wee bit slow. People actually getting the chance to sleep in just a little…well except me who is heading out to work…lol


Lynn… first, if I could momentarily appoint myself for this one time only ambassador of DC, ask if you would be interested in posting a trip report? There is a special section for it, and we would all love to hear your thoughts – wow, a trip report through the eyes of a first-timer!

Also, if there is no theme, don;t worry yourself one bit! You will see and do all sorts of other things that you have never done and never expect! Adn each trip you take becaomes better and better… like fine wine!


I think I read somewhere that the 50th stuff runs until october. Being at WDW is great no matter what they are celebrating!

We were there at christmas too and had a great time.

Welcome to DC! :biggrin:


Well, my inside source says that the next big celebration will be Pooh’s Birthday, it is scheduled to start right after the HCOE.


I was thinking that the 50th will run through November, but I could be wrong. What ever is next, if anything, I can’t believe that it would start until after the first of the year with all that they do for Christmas. But…



I’m here! Welcome to DC Lynn and don’t worry about getting responses. Actually, it’s pretty hard to shut us up! :biggrin:

Whether WDW has a theme or not, you’re going to love being there at Christmas. The decorations are beautiful.


Welcome to DC. The next theme maybe for the 25th of EPCOT in 2007. But that is just a guess. :smile:


That’s what I’ve heard is going to be the next big celebration, too. HCOE will probably last for 18 months (until November).

Welcome, Lynn!! It’s great to have you! I’m so glad you’ve discovered the fun and magic of Walt Disney World.


Lynn! Welcome to DC! I’m so glad you’ve joined us :c)

I see that you did post a trip report, and I can’t wait to go read it! I Just wanted to welcome you, first!


I’m glad to see you loved it, and you’re going back at Christmas time! The decorations, etc. are SO breathtaking! You won’t be sorry!!!



Welcome to DC! I am going to read your report right now!


Though I’ve heard differing views, everyone agrees the “Happiest Celebration” program will end before the end of the year, sometime in the fall.

I’ve been to WDW at Christmas with no particular theme, and it is magical. Don’t worry if there will be a theme or not.


i haven’t heard anything about what kind of themes will be on display after the 50th anniversary. if my memory serves me right, the celebration is supposed to end in the beginning of october. i’m not 100% sure.