Just wondering


After the HM rehab was there any thing different? We did not get to go back last year as hoped.Not sure if we will get there this year although really want to go back for the MNSSHP.


If you are talking about the HM being different… there is a thread all about that…



Yes, there are extremely significant changes. The amount of money they spent on new state of the art sound systems alone is mind baffling. The “stretching room” area is UNBELIEVABLE, it’s like a “supersonic chamber of surround sound” now & some visuals were improved. Inside the ‘moving attraction’ itself there are MANY MANY changes; the attic scene & bride is completely different, there is a whole new “ghostly staircase” room which is SO cool, if you are familiar with Disneyland you may recognize some things added from their HM, and other small changes here & there.

It’s great!


My favorite is the MC Escher room, and that’s all I’m going to say.


I loved the new changes. You should definitely check it out if you can.


It is FANTASTIC! My favorite ride and I very much approve of the changes!

We loved it!!!


I can wait to see the changes in, let’s see…about 12 DAYS!!!