JustaT's AWESOME trip to the world


We literally just got in a few hours ago.:crying: I have never done a trip report, but will try my best to fill you in on our most wonderful family vacation. I will need just a few days to get my pictures in order and unpack my stuff.

I will start by saying that this trip was all that I had hoped it would be and MORE. Just seeing the look on my girls faces the entire trip…PRICELESS.

Players (we had two families):

Family #1:
Myself a.k.a. Mommy
DH- John a.k.a Daddy
DD1- Avery (3 1/2 years old)
DD2- Lillian (16 months old)
DMIL- Diane a.k.a. Mema

Family #2: DW, DH, DD1 (3 1/2) and DD2 (6 months old)

Home away from home: Port Orleans French Quarter

I will be back with the rest of the details.


i am so glad you had a great trip! relax, enjoy your time home before the real world kicks back in monday. then get the report done (with lots of pics) asap!! :happy: :blush: :laugh:


Hooray! Welcome back, I’m so glad you had a wonderful trip. Can’t wait to hear all about it! :happy:


Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Another TR!!! Glad you had a great time. I hope you have lots of pictures, especially of your girls!!


I didn’t pack until the night before we left (I know a few of you must be gasping right now). It was fine because I knew what I was packing…I just needed to do wash:blush: :laugh:

This is what Lillian did when I was packing

the little booger:happy:


That is sooooo adorable!! :wub:

P.S. I tend to be a last-minute packer too, so you’re not alone. :pinch:


What a fun age for WDW! My wife (lil’pocohontas) and I never appreciated Fantasyland until we had little ones.

Hope the trip was great. I can’t believe you waited until the night before to pack!:eek:


DAY 1- Friday, November 30

Here we are all packed up and ready to go:

Mema and Daddy

Mommy, Avery & Lillian

My cool girls

I will go ahead and apologize in advance if most of my pictures are of my children…I just can help myself…after all this trip was all about THEM:wub:


Don’t apologize…your children are BEAUTIFUL! :wub: Feel free to share all the pictures you want - sometimes the ones of childrens’ faces in Disney are the very best kind. :smile:


Thanks…she was a hoot while I was packing. Every bag I would get out…there she would be inside of it.


No! Don’t apologize. Around here we never get tired of pictures of kids (and bathrooms)!


WElcome home!! You have such a beautiful family. Love the pic of lil in the bag…lol to cute! Can’t wait to hear about the trip!


It really was amazing. I have NEVER spent as much time in Fantasyland as we did this trip. The other thing that was great is that I was able to take time to notice some pretty neat details that I would have never seen before storming through the parks with my pre-children agenda.

What can I say…I am a thrill seeker:happy:


heheeh, I love the picture of the “cool girls”. I am so glad that you’re back and that you are reporting a great trip.

Is the laundry done now? Can we go on with this? :blush:

And…what Cavey said :cool:


We stopped at Amelia Island Plantation on the way because we just weren’t sure how the kids would be on the drive…better safe than sorry. We met up with the family that we were traveling with and stayed in a great three bedroom condo with a great ocean view. Here are some pictures:

Living room:

One of the bedrooms:

Another room:


DAY 2- December 1

We got up bright and early…it was a bit cool, but we thought we would go out onto the beach before our short trip to the World. The girls wanted to get some shells for Ariel.

I love the beach

Don’t know if you can make it out, but we wrote in the sand, “We’re going to Disney”.


Our plan was to arrive in the afternoon, get settled into our room and then head over to Hoopty Doo Review for our 5:30 ADR.

I was VERY pleased with the POFQ. They had a 92% occupancy over the dates we were there, but it still felt very small to me. I really loved the intimacy of it. I didn’t really miss the fact that it wasn’t a full service hotel. I would absolutely stay there again. Some of the CM’s weren’t the most friendly in the world, but the ones who were made up for it all.

Ok…I am getting way ahead of myself. I am POOPED and Avery needs me to read her a book and get her tucked away for the night. I will try and be timely, but please forgive if I become a day or two behind:blush:


Ok, sitting here patiently waiting :wink:


Great start to your first TR! And that view from your hotel was nice!!!


Welcome back!!! Your girls are adorable! I loved that beach photo!!