JustaT's Magical Trip REPORT


I am going to do day by day and try my best not to hop around…I must warn you in advance…my brain is like scrambled eggs:wink:

[U][B]Day 1- SEAWORLD[/B][/U]

For two nights we stayed at the Renaissance SeaWorld because I had a work connection and a deal I could not pass up. We were in a fabulous room with a connector for the girls. Had I known how great a set up we would have at this hotel I would have decided on SeaWorld at the END of our trip for a TA-DA kind of finish.

The park was PACKED, but because we were staying at the Renaissance we got these “fast pass” type wrist bands that would get us to the front of the rides…THANKFULLY. The highlights were feeding the dolphins, feeding the stingrays, the dolphin and bird show (I can’t remember the name…but it was a GREAT show) and the One show with Shamu and friends (I kind of missed seeing the trainers IN the pool for the show). I only have a few pictures that I can post now (the ones from my phone…still have to download the camera photos).

Our room at the Renaissance

the girls side

night swimming


they loved this ride

For anyone who is a fan of roller coasters you MUST TRY MANTA. It is the BEST ride I have EVER been on…EVER!!! So much fun!!! Dolphin feeding and other highlight pictures to be added once I can get my camera photos uploaded!


Our feet were already killing us after day 1…uh oh!!! We woke up early and packed our things to head over to POR. Our room was ready for us at 7:30 AM…that was something that I hadn’t expected. We decided to go ahead and unload everything and THEN head to the parks.

We rented a stroller from Kingdom Strollers that was waiting for us in the luggage room at POR. On our way to the stop we grabbed it…Wow…it was HUGE. It wasn’t easy to get on and off the busses but it was SOOOOOOO worth that hassel to have a stoller for my kids to sit in while waiting at the end of the day for the bus.

Speaking of busses…whooooooo doggie…I would probably never book POR again simply because of the bus line. DANG…it consistently had the most people waiting of all the other resorts and seemed to only have one bus running at a time. It really wasn’t too big of a deal…I just noticed that the other lines weren’t nearly as long. Most bus rides consisted of standing up (not the best at the end of a long day with 4 stops along the bus route).

Speaking of POR…I really liked the resort. We were pretty close to the main area (Parterre Place). The rooms are small…next time we will definitely get a room somewhere with a separate living space or different bed configurations (two doubles doesn’t cut it for us). We were able to get a roll-away bed which was a lifesaver.

anyhoo…back to Day 2- Animal Kingdom


Your room for the first night…whoa, I think half my house could fit in that room.

I thought the mods had queen beds?

How old are your cute as a button girls?


Your room at Seaworld is amazing and your kiddos are adorable!

I agree COMPLETELY about MANTA… BEST. RIDE. EVER. and I never thought I would say anything but Soarin for that!


[QUOTE=jo-jo;1099524]Your room for the first night…whoa, I think half my house could fit in that room.

I thought the mods had queen beds?

How old are your cute as a button girls?[/QUOTE]

Yeah, it was pretty amazing. What is even more amazing is how spoiled my little ladies became in just two nights. When we walked into our room at POR they said, “where’s our room”:dry: I think that once POR is finished with the upgrades and the “royal rooms” they will be all Queens. When we stayed at POFQ last time they were Dbl/ Dbl too.

I totally forgot to introduce my crew in that first post, didn’t I? they are 7 and 5. Thank you…I think they are pretty darned cute too!


[QUOTE=alilmagical32;1099531]Your room at Seaworld is amazing and your kiddos are adorable!

I agree COMPLETELY about MANTA… BEST. RIDE. EVER. and I never thought I would say anything but Soarin for that![/QUOTE]

Thank you for the sweet comments on the girls.

I’m so glad someone else on here has ridden Manta…I honestly couldn’t believe how many different directions you go on this thing. AWESOMENESS!!!


Love the first room…

More! :blink:



We arrived at AK around 9:30am- ish. The park was CROWDED!!! We didn’t care…we were just so happy to be there. I’m going to say this again (and maybe a few more times)…I am SO VERY GLAD we had a stroller. There was a ton of waiting and a TON of back and forth all over the park on this day. We weren’t too frantic since this was not going to be our only day at AK (well, that was our plan:dry:). We accomplished almost everything that we intended to do on this day:

-Expedition Everest (Avery’s first time)…Lillian was 1 inch too short so she and I played in the boneyard
-Nemo the Musical
-It’s tough to be a Bug
-Dinosaur (scared the pants off my little Lillian
-Devine (my first time seeing her)
-everything in Dino-land

Our plan was to do all the rest our 2nd day in AK.

This is the night we went to Hoop-Dee-Doo. This is still one of my favorites. It is good food and just the right amount of cheesy for my family. The girls were REALLY into the show this time. This one will remain a MUST DO for us.


LOVIN’ your TR!!! I am so in need of a TR fix right now. Keep it coming! Your girls are adorable!


Day 3- Epcot

Today it would rain for most of the day…no worries we had ponchos and were ready to deal with it.:biggrin:

Highlights of Epcot were:

-Soarin- a first for me and the girls…GREAT RIDE!!!
-Kim Possible: seriously, if you have kids and really want to do Epcot but they don’t like it you MUST DO THIS. We all enjoyed the surprises and did quite a few missions. It is one of the things that the girls are still going on and on about.

  • Illuminations- wow, amazing!!!

We all enjoyed Nemo and Turtle Talk and the aquarium. I actually never knew that upstairs in the building was an aquarium. We didn’t get to many of my favorites at this park, but we did end up having a great day and getting lots of character meets.

Our dinner was at Tepan Edo…it was pretty good and the service was great. My girls really enjoyed the fact that they used the udon noodles instead of rice for the teppanyaki. I was just happy to be sitting down for such a long period of time:happy:…my dogs were barkin’ :pinch: I would eat there again, but wouldn’t feel like it was a must do.


LOVING your report! I am considering Tepan Edo for our April trip, but am unsure if its a good atmosphere for two 3 yr. olds. Any advice I’m also going to PM you about Kingdom Strollers!


Day 4- Magic Kingdom

Now this was the day I couldn’t wait for… Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and Cinderellas Royal Table. We arrived at the park just in time for the opening ceremony (which was a first for all of us). We couldn’t have timed it better…just in the nick of time.

We had a couple of hours to kill so we did Buzz Lightyear, Stitch (Lillian HATED this ride) and Laugh Floor (I always love this one).


Day 4- Magic Kingdom (continued)

Now it was time for the BBB…it was PACKED! Standing room only and every chair was full. Even though it was busy, they took special care to make every girl feel like a princess. It was very personalized and made both of my girls feel like they were the only ones in the room. They hand out a menu and let the girls choose the hair of their choice. Avery went with the traditional princess bun (I wasn’t exactly sure they would be able to do this as she has fairly short hair and I typically cannot get it into a ponytail without whispies all over the place). Lillian chose the PINK Pouffy hair extension thingy. .I will have to post the photo pass pictures as soon as I purchase the disk because those pictures are PRICELESS. In the meantime, I can share my not so good pictures:


Day 4- Magic Kingdom (continued again)

So one more note on BBB. While we were waiting and watching the girls get dolled up I got this vision of them getting ready on their wedding day. I told John and we both got all teary:crying: It was kind of a moment for us:heart: They do just grow up so fast!

On this day we focused mostly on rides and none of the events like, parades, shows and fireworks. We knew we would be back and since it was WAY more crowed than we thought it would be and we knew it would be crowded our second time back to MK we thought we would do rides while those things were going on. It was so much fun. The girls LOVED Haunted Mansion…I loved the cemetery things that were new…HOW FUN!

We did find a good spot near splash to watch the Electric Light Parade (my all time favorite EVER parade). It was nice because it wasn’t crowded at all.

Our final ride for the evening was Splash Mountain. This was a first for all of us and I was a little nervous (even though I really like rides). We all LOVED it and the best part…wishes was going on when we went down the big hill…AWESOME. We rode it three more times after that and then one more ride on Haunted Mansion. We were one of the last families to leave the park:whistling:

This was a GREAT day! I WILL upload my camera photos and add tonight!


Awesome trip report!! Keep it coming!! I have to disagree about the Manta—HATE it!! I was dizzy the entire day after that!!


I have three year old twin nephews!!!

I think the entertainment might be enjoyable for them, but they might get antsy and then you would have to worry about running all over after them. It is a LONG dinner. For me, I enjoyed going to places where it was acceptable for the kids to get up and dance or move around (many of the character meals actually encourage this).


Day 5- Hollywood Studios

I remember thinking that the girls might not enjoy HS too much…I was sooo wrong! This was one of our favorite days! The park wasn’t as crowded as the others (still probably a 7 out of 10 crowd)…I think it may have been due to the fact that Fantasmic was closed.

I really, really, really enjoyed Toy Story Mania…although, I was only able to ride it once because the fast passes were gone by 9:30am (REALLY!!!). I would have liked to to that one again. Even the fast pass line took about 35 minutes to actually get on the ride. CRAZY! The girls LOVED Tower of Terror…we did that one about 5 times:-) Rockin Rollercoaster is one of my favorites so I enjoyed taking Avery on that one. We got Fast Passes…waited in a 60 minute line one time and then use the FP’s to get back on it. By the end of the day Avery rode that one about 6 times.

  • rider swap note…I recommend everyone take advantage of this. We would get a rider swap every time we got on a ride (fastpass or standard line). Just get a rider swap every time.

We didn’t see the parade or do the American Idol thing, but did everything else. It was a really fun, relaxing day for us all. The temps really dropped on this day so by the end we were VERY CHILLY!

the girls love to do the face painting. TIP- if you keep your receipt you can go to any of the face painting booths at HS for a touch up throughout the day.


Oh…one more thing I wanted to add. You will notice throughout the rest of the trip that Averys bun NEVER moved. she would just wake up and it looked EXACTLY the same as the day before. Lillian made me take hers out the first night (some girls made her feel silly for having the pink hair…meanies:fork_off:). I put Lillians back up with some of the tips that the Fairy Godmother’s in training gave me.


Day 5- The Meals (O’Hana Breakfast and 50’s Prime Time Dinner)

So on this day we had two Table Services. O’Hana for breakfast and 50’s Prime Time for dinner.

Let’s start with O’Hana: I just wasn’t all that impressed with any of it. I probably would never do this meal again…it just wasn’t for us. The food was ok…my kids were getting pretty sick of Mickey Waffles by this point…wasn’t enough variety for us. We knew it would be family style and I really don’t mind that (Hoop Dee Doo a favorite), but there was nothing unique about the meal at all… eggs, sausage, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, biscuits, fruit and mickey waffles. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was just alright for me. The girls enjoyed meeting the characters, but I am not sure it is worth it just to see the characters.

50’s Prime Time: I had given my kids a little heads up about some of the stuff that might happen at this meal. My youngest is RULE FOLLOWER so it really stressed her out and made her very uncomfortable that she might get in trouble for something. There was a server that was in FULL ON Mama character and it scared the crap out of her. My 7 year old (who is traditionally NOT a rule follower) enjoyed it. She had a server picking on her most of the night. The food was good (not great)…John had some pork chop thing and didn’t really care for it, I had the pot roast and thought it was alright and the girls both got mac n cheese (they were very happy to see this on the menu). My favorite part of this meal was the BOOZE:blush: I have some cute pictures from here that I will upload tonight from my camera.

Bottom line on this restaurant…glad we tried it and we may come back, but probably not.


Love the pink hair!