JustaT's Magical Trip


We aren’t back yet (not till Monday, January 16th), but I am waiting on my clothes to dry and thought I would go ahead and jot down some of my thoughts on this trip so far.

  1. We are having the most wonderful time.
  2. It is not as dead as I expected it to be.
  3. BBB is TOTALLY worth it for girls (bring your own dress).
  4. The whole family did Splash Mountain for the FIRST time…it was AWESOME…especially when you accidentally catch the fireworks as you are going down the hill…AWESOME.
  5. I am SO FREAKING GLAD we rented a double stroller (kingdom s trollers).
  6. When it rains…you really can do much more because everyone leaves:laugh:

I will catch up later with some pictures (my camera is a real loser this trip, but we have been taking full advantage of photopass).

Hollywood Studios tomorrow!!

Goodnight sweet mousebuzzers:wub:


Glad you are having fun!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


Oh I am glad that you checked in, Justa. Keep having fun!


Yeah! So glad you are having a great trip!


Keep enjoying the magic.


Yay! Thanks for checking in! I am excited to see photos of your magical trip!


It sounds like you are having a great time! Can’t wait to hear more!


glad you are having a great time… how is the weather.


The weather has been amazing and warm (even at night)…until last night. It got chilly (but VERY windy). Didn’t stop us though:-) Today is going to be pretty chilly too, but nothing horrible (I believe in the high 50’s).

Off to the Magic Kingdom!!!


We are back!! The trip home was uneventful and I have to say we were all ready to be home. We had a FANTASTIC trip. Most of my pictures are on my camera that still need to be downloaded. I promise to be back with a quick trip report and pictures.


No cooking dinner, doing laundry or anything mundane like that, right? You’ll be right back with that camera plugged into the computer, right? I need a fix but I am :cool:


Glad you had such an awesome trip!


EXACTLY!!! :whistling


Suuuureeeee. :rolleyes:


Justa!!! :pinch:


Welcome home!! Sounds like a great trip going from your list. Where’s this report? Dopey is ready to pop.:whistling