Justin's "Why must it be so short?" trip report


Well we are leaving for our trip in 5 days on the 7th and we are packing! I’m going to start now because hey packing is half as fun! I’ll get pictures as soon as I can!


I hope u hqve a great time!


Have an awesome time!


Now where is my camera…


Hey, Justin, take a couple of pictures of hidden Mickeys for me. Much thanks!


Have a great time and take a ton of pictures.


Have fun! maybe we’ll run into you!


I always have the same question when I’m packing! :pinch:


I know and i’m still looking for it… :eek:


Now i’m scared… I leave in two days and I just saw pictures of a very very very very very very… (I think you get it) crowded EPCOT and Magic Kingdom


1 day 9 hours. Believe me i’m counting it down.


Less than 24 hours until we love for the world! Don’t worry the camera’s ready and the bags are packed! To bad we have a late flight. :frowning:


Have fun! i would say get up as early as possible and hit the ground running! Be first in the parks and ride the big ticket rides! always works for me:laugh:


Not a great day to start off my vacation. I ended up in the ER because I slipped on ice and thought I broke my arm. Luckily I didn’t but i’m still in pain and will probably end up taking the sling they gave me to Disney.


o my goodness! i hope you are alright! on my disney trip last spring, I had a broken clavical and had to wear a sling. I wasnt too bad but I couldn’t ride on RRC or SM(even though it was closed) just be careful and dont push yourself too hard! :smile:


sorry I haven’t time to post anything yet, I’ve been really busy with choir I happily made the New York All County and have been working on that. Look for a trip report next week.


I hope your arm is better.


congratulations!!! that is a HUGE deal!!! i remember seeing people crying in highschool when they didn’t make it and some of these people were amazing singers


Hope your arm is better! Congratulations on making All County - that is awesome!!! And I can’t wait to hear about your trip!!


Sorry no pictures yet, I had no time! Oral report coming up soon.