KarenWDWCP's Not the Best but Not the Worst Trip Report


Hi gang!

We got back late Thursday night/early Friday morning from a whirlwind four nights at the World. The trip had its highpoints and its lowpoints and though it was not the most relaxing or enjoyable WDW vacation I have ever had, I was at WDW, so I won’t complain too much! :blush:

The basics are below:

WHO - Me and my parents
WHEN - Sunday, March 14 through Thursday, March 18
WHERE - Our first split stay! Two nights at the Boardwalk Inn paying cash, two nights in a Studio at AKV Jambo House on points
WHY - 2 reasons - My dad loves seeing the Red Sox play spring training games and they had a game against the Astros in Kissimmee and we had some leftover points to use by November of this year so we figured “Why not?”

We took virtually no pictures so I will make this a short and sweet Trip Report with just a basic outline of what we did and the best and worst parts of the trip.


We left our house on Sunday morning around 8:45 in an absolute monsoon. The airport was a madhouse when we got there. Flights had been cancelled and rerouted the day before so the place was packed with people trying to get on new flights. The line to drop off your bags (not to check in, just for bag drop) wound its way around half the JetBlue Terminal at Logan. We waited in line about 40 minutes just to drop our bags! :ohmy:

Our flight was delayed by about an hour and 40 minutes, which was not too bad considering that other flights around us were being cancelled left and right. The airport was teeming with spring breakers trying to get out of Boston. I should have taken this as a sign for the rest of the trip!

Once on board the plane, the pilot warned us that it would be a super bumpy ride at least in the beginning because of the intense wind gusts (up to 50 MPH!) I was NOT a happy camper as I hate flying to begin with and the thought of a super bumpy flight sent me over the edge. Fortunately, the pilot overestimated the bump level and it was not too terrible. In fact, it was bumpier landing in Orlando than taking off from Boston.

We arrived at MCO, boarded the Magical Express and headed off to the Boardwalk to start our trip. Just seeing the sun after all the rain in New England was magical!

Check in was a breeze at the Boardwalk, our room was on the main level and had a lovely courtyard view. I was surprised at how nice of a view it was, considering we just booked a standard view and when we had standard view at the Beach Club a few years back, we had a great view of an ugly roof. LOL

The newly redone Boardwalk room was LOVELY. The Boardwalk is my dream resort, the place I have always wanted to stay. I was not disappointed. Other than than unwelcome surprise of finding a dirty diaper left behind in the drawer of the bathroom vanity (Ew!) which housekeeping promptly took care of, the room was clean and comfortable.

We grabbed dinner at ESPN Club and then walked to EPCOT where we really just walked around, enjoyed the ambience, had some French pastries and watched Reflections of Earth. My favorite thing about staying in the EPCOT resort area is the nice feeling of just strolling home at the end of the night!


Starting our vacation!
A relaxing evening at EPCOT
Finally getting to stay at the Boardwalk

Airport chaos
Slightly bumpy flight
Dirty diaper in the room (Ew, again!)


Day 2 was our full day for EPCOT. I got up early because I barely sleep on vacation. I just have a hard time sleeping in hotel rooms. :angry: I decided to make the most of the morning and went for a walk/jog around the Boardwalk area. The sun was not even up when I left the room, thanks to the time change! I did the loop twice, made it back to the room and hopped in the shower. While my parents got ready, I fetched some coffee and breakfast from the Belle Vue room. I hightly recommend using the Belle Vue Room if you stay at the Boardwalk. They had most of the same pastries as the Boardwalk Bakery.

We made it to EPCOT by around 9:45. We decided to start in Future World and work our way back to World Showcase. The park was CROWDED. The lines at the Soarin FP machines were insane. All in all, we ended up doing Soarin, Nemo, Spaceship Earth, Imagination and some shopping at Mouse Gear before heading to France for our late lunch reservation.

Lunch was delicious and the 20% DVC member discount made it even better! We hit up Test Track after lunch using a FP from earlier. The wait without FP was at 140 minutes at one point during the day. Ouch!

After Test Track, we strolled the countries, did the ride in Mexico, enjoyed a Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush (yum!) and finally decided to call it a night. I had hoped to watch Illuminations again but after battling the crowds all day, we were beat.

We headed back to the Boardwalk, toured the DVC Villas they had open there, grabbed some cheese fries and chicken strips from one of the stands outside and just snacked in the Belle Vue room. We would have liked to sit outside but it was just too cold.

Back in the room, we packed up because we were moving to AKV Jambo House the next day. We were in bed by 10:30 which was crazy early but we were beat!


Grey Goose Lemonade Slush - yum!
Enjoying the atmosphere of the Boardwalk

Coolish Weather


glad your flight wasn’t as bad as expected, but sorry that the crowds were so insane at Epcot. I can’t wait to hear about AKV!


I think if I were ever to win the lottery (checking my very first lottery ticket right now) then I would buy DVC or not but I would always stay at the Boardwalk. Love the location, the feel of it - just everything.


Glad you liked the Boardwalk. I have always wanted to stay there. I love the ambience of it. Sorry about the crowds, hope they got better the rest of the trip.


Can’t wait to hear about the rest. How was AKV? We’ll be there next week!


How does the Boardwalk compare to the Beach Club? Room wise I mean! Sounds like a great start to your trip.


I can’t wait to hear the rest…come ON!!
I so live threw these TR, till I can go! HURRY UP!


can’t wait to hear more!


Great start… but why in the world would someone put a dirty diaper in a drawer? Some people…


Boardwalk (minus dirty diaper) is my dream resort, too. Glad you got to stay there for a couple of nights! Enjoying your TR.


Where’s the rest? Stop teasing! :laugh:


Sorry, sorry! I will try to add some more today!

Thanks for reading everyone!


Great TR Karen- waiting for the rest of it now please.


Ok! We are up to Tuesday, March 16!

This was our day to move from BWI to AKV-Jambo. We were also headed offsite to a Red Sox spring training game in Kissimmee so I was nervous about making sure we had enough time to get everything done in the morning.

My nerves were totally unfounded! The Bell Services staff at Boardwalk took care of moving our bags without any trouble at all. They were great! Our plan had been to grab some counter service breakfast again but we had so much extra time that we decided to try Kouzzina instead.

Kouzzina was virtually empty when we got there around 8:30 am. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast - I had french toast, yum! Our server was great as well. When we were done there we STILL had about an hour before the car from Mears was scheduled to come pick us up to bring us to Kissimmee.

We decided to take a brisk walk around the Boardwalk/BC/YC area to work off some of that breakfast. When we got back to the Boardwalk area, we saw they were just setting up the surrey bikes. Renting a surrey bike is something we have never done on any of our trips and always say we’d like to try. We still had time to kill and the weater was nice so we decided to go for it!

It was fun but way harder than it looks! :laugh: My mom sat in the backseat and only helped pedal on the hills. My dad seemed to think that it was a race and was pedalling like a madman, huffing and puffing! I was laughing so hard at the whole thing that I was nearly hyperventilating! Those hills were killer!
I have a pic of us on the bike but haven’t uploaded any photos yet. I will try to add it later.

We had opted for a car service to take us to the spring training game as opposed to renting a car for the day, mostly because we just didn’t want to bother with driving ourselves. One of our favorite things about Disney vacations is that someone else does all the driving! Our Mears driver was early and very, very nice but he did get lost heading to the stadium in Kissimmee. It was fine because I had built in lots of time to get there before the game but I would have expected him to have clear directions. It wasn’t difficult to find, it was on a main road.


We got to the Osceola County Stadium around 11:15 or so. Doors were just opening up. We walked around a bit, checked out the concessions and watched the Red Sox take batting practice. It was a split squad game so we thought we might only see minor leaguers, but we were pleased that some of the big name players (Youkilis, Pedroia, Lester, Ellsbury and Varitek) were there. It was a great day for a game. We enjoyed it even though the Red Sox lost to the Astros. We did have a funny moment when we ran into a couple that we sit near in Fenway - we all have the same mini-season ticket package and have sat in the same section for about 6 years. They were in front of us in the concession line.

We had some confusion with our ride back to WDW on Mears. I had booked for a roundtrip but our driver insisted we hadn’t and then made us talk to dispatch and tell them we wanted him to pick us up again later. Then he told us not to pick a set time but to call him about 20 minutes before we wanted to be picked up. Then I got an automated text from Mears that they were on their way but he didn’t show up right away. We called him and he said he was on his way. A half hour passes and he is still not there. In the end, we waited almost an hour for him to come back. It was frustrating but he arrived at our original booked pick up time so I felt like I couldn’t complain even though he had originally claimed that our pickup reservation didn’t exist? The whole thing was weird, but eventually we were back on the road to WDW and the Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House!


Ok, have to do some work. I will try to post more later!


Looking forward to more! Enjoyed the surrey bike story. :slight_smile:


Ok, what was the reaction to the CM’s when you told them about the “present” you received in the dresser?