Karliebug's Plans


After reading Ingamba’s plans, I thought I’d clue you in on mine and get your opinions.
Day one-fly from Philly to Orlando, hop the ME and get to Pop Century around 2:30 p.m. Hopefully our room will be ready . We plan to head over to Epcot , eat at Biergarten for dinner and stay and watch illuminations that night.
Day 2-Hit MGM for early entry in the morning, doing our favorite rides. Probably a counter service lunch (where?) and back to hotel to freshen up for dinner at Chef Mickeys! After dinner we hop to the MK for their EMH.
Day 3-Hit AK for EMH in the morning, lunch at Rainforest Cafe. We’ll probably do DTD that evening but I am unsure of where we will have dinner.(suggestions?) Maybe Earl of Sandwich.


Day 4 - Epcot in the morning (EMH) I am unsure of where to eat lunch, my clan are not adventurous eaters. but a counter service, for sure because we are eating an early dinner at Ohana’s and then heading to Mk, probably seeing the parade and fireworks this night.
Day 5 - MGM in the morning, lunch at Sci-Fi Diner.Then head over to AK for the afternoon, watch parade, stay for EMH. Hoping that EE will open while we are there so we can do that.
Day 6-EMH at Mk. We will either do Lunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe or a late breakfast at Chef Mickeys (help me choose). I am not sure what we will do this evening, maybe go to MGM for fantasmic.
Day 7- The only thing planned for this last day is the Hoop de doo at 5:00. I think we’ll just hop around and hit everybody’s favorites one last time!
Day 8- get up and catch ME back to the airport at about 4:30 a.m.


I’m bumping this up in hopes of some suggestions. Anyone??


Jealous… :whistling :nonono2: :pinch: :tongue:

No really…Sounds like you are gonna have lots of fun!!! :happy: I’m happy for ya…really…I am…No really! :angel:


OK! I missed this! :c)

Day 1: Sounds perfect :c)

Day 2: Pizza Planet? Am I the ONLY one underwhelmed by MGM’s counter services?

Day 3: Since you are having a sort of big lunch, I think Earl is a great dinner idea - have you been there? I can’t remember. But, it’s so good! Then, go to Gherardelli for dessert!!! Try the collosal cookie - I don’t need to show you the picture, do I?? LOL!
It’s awesome!

Day 4: I’ve never been to Epcot, so I have no suggestions, but I bet you’ll have fun! I can’t wait to try a few things around the world showcase…mmmmmmmmmmm…

Day 5: (You are so lucky to go so many days in a row!) How cool will it be to try EE!!!
Where are you doing dinner this night? I suggest a resort restaurant for this night…maybe Chef Mickeys? It looks like so much fun!

Day 6: If you don’t do Chef Mickey’s on Day 5, do it now! Do Whispering Canyon on day 5. I think you should do both, though.

Day 7: Enjoy your day of rest - you won’t need to move this to the middle of the week?? YOu guys must have TONS of energy!!

Day 8: :crying:

Karliebug, I love your plans. The only thing I can see that I would personally do differently is move that rest day to mid-week.

I hope you have a great time, and I hope some more people will suggest stuff!


Kb, It’s sounds loose enough to improvise, but sturctured well as not to miss anything.


Day 1 - sounds great!!!

Day 2 - I agree with Erin…there aren’t great CS places at the Studios! We usually eat in the food area on the road leading to ToT and RnR. Usually just a burger and fries.

Day 3 - I have heard NOTHING but RAVE reviews about Earl of Sandwich! That sounds perfect, since you have a big sit down lunch planned.

Day 4 - There are sooo many counter service places in Epcot. I personally LOVE Cantina de San Angel…Mexican. But if your fam doesn’t go for that kind of fare, go to American Adventure pavillion and that’s where you can find burgers and fries.

Day 5 - Where are you eating dinner? Will you just eat CS at AK?

Day 6 - Since you are already going to Chef Mickey’s, why not try Whispering Canyon for lunch? Then what will you do for dinner?

Day 7 - Hoop Dee Doo sounds like FUN!!! If you really want to try Chef Mickey’s for breakfast, maybe this is the day to do it.

Day 8 - Sad day…going home

It looks like you guys will be on the run the whole time! Good for you! You will be able to experience everything that you want! Personally, I would also prefer a rest in between (DH insists on NON-PARK DAYS). But I love what you’ve got planned.

When are you going, btw?


COOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :smile: Have Fun!! Oh one night try to ride BTMRR during Wishes…very cool. :cool:


Sounds like you should have a great time. Bring back pics.



When are you going, btw?[/QUOTE]

January 14-22. It’s coming soon!


January 14-22. It’s coming soon![/QUOTE]

Wow! Good for you! Can’t wait to read ALL ABOUT IT!!! :happy:


The plans look good karliebug. :heart:


January 14-22. It’s coming soon![/QUOTE]
We are there the 11th to the 17th. Your plans are one day off from ours. If you see a family of 5 with 2 boys and a little girl and the Dad has on a green Safari hat with as Disney Central Pin, it just might be me.