Karliebug's trip during Hurricane


Well, we were supposed to start our trip on 8/13, but when we heard about hurricane Charley we decided to fly in from Phila. on Thursday nite to beat the storm. Really glad we did :angel: Most flights on Friday and Sat. were cancelled. We checked in at ASMovies because we were one night early and PORS was full. We checked in on Friday at PORS to find it full of campers. They had closed Ft. Wilderness campgrounds and all campers were put up in hotels. I’m really surprised they had room to do it , but they did. Some campers were even put in AKL or GFL!! I was really jealous :angry: They could have upgraded me, but didn’t. Anyway we got on property really late. On Friday, all the parks closed at 1:00, so we didn’t really do anything except swim in the pool (awesome pool,BTW) Friday the food court was packed, 45 minute wait for a burger due to the parks being closed and the extra campers, they even started selling bag lunches of PB&J. We were told to go to our rooms at 6, and the food court closed then as well. The storm hit around 9:30 and it downed many trees in the area. The other side of Orlando near the airport really had a lot of damage and many lost power for days, schools lost their roofs, people lost their homes. Disney reopened on Sat.
We had reservations for CRT for Sat. at 8. CM at hotel told me breakfasts would run as usual. When we got to MK, with my 5 year old DD in her Cinderella dress, we were told that the park was not opening til 9, but all breakfasts would be honored. The next CM told us all breakfasts were cancelled. The 3rd Cm told us that you would only be able to get breakfast if your ressie was for 9 or after. DD was crying. They weren’t real good at communicating to cm’s what was going on. When the gates opened we bolted for the castle and were seated immediately. :laugh: It was great. Good food, saw the princesses, they all signed my daughters hats. (I had gotten white caps at the dollar store for the characters to sign and the girls wore them all week). The rest of the morning at MK was magical. We saw Philarmagic, rode the mountains, and had lunch before heading back for a swim. The rest of the week is a blur. We did everything we wanted, but did run into a communication problem once again on Sun. Hoop de doo was cancelled on Sat. so I called the desk on Sunday about our reservations that nite. The cm said she thought they were still closed, but redirected me to someone else who confirmed that they were closed. So we went to MGM and had a big, late lunch around 2 at the Prime time cafe. When I returned to my room around 4 there was a message that my 5 o’clock ressie for the hoop de doo was on! We were stuffed from lunch!! They let me cancel it and we ended going later on in the week. This is such a great show, we always have so much fun there. We also did dinner at O’hanas, which DH and I enjoyed, but the 3 DD weren’t thrilled. I would go again without the kids. It is too much to spend for what little they ate, IMHO. This trip, our youngest DD, Karlie was tall enough for RNRC, and she rode it 4 times!! It is her new favorite. We also did the fantasmic show and dinner at Hollywood & Vine. All in all, it was a magical time despite the HEAT and HUMIDITY.


Good to hear that you still had a great trip despite a few hiccups here and there!


I am so glad that you decided to fly in a day early. Smart move. Sorry to hear about the little communication problems, but glad that it didn’t damper your trips. Thansk for the report.


Sounds like Charley didn’t hinder your good time. Glad everything worked out so well.


I am just relieved you did go early, and you did get your room, thats so true about campers being put up in the resorts, I remember on Saturday the 14th when we were finally able to get our messages that most of the messages were about the campers from Ft. Wilderness staying in the resorts till monday. I havent posted my last day because I have been sick … I wondered where you were at POR …we were in Oak Manor, I think the room # was 9403 …memory fades more every day.


We were in Alligator Bayou, building 15. We had a great time despite the hurricane, the heat (we were melting) and the communication problems. We did decide that next time we are going without the kids, just us, if we can pawn them off on grandparents. Then we will have a whine free trip as well.


So cool about your daughter riding RnRC, how old is she and I hope the height is 48". I really want my 4 year old to ride it!!


She is 5. The height is 48". Last year she was too short. She actually grew 5 inches this year! It is now her favorite. After the first time she said"I don’t think I liked that, but maybe it was fun. OK, I’ll go again." Then she rode 3 more times.


Sounds like a great trip!!! I love the POR!!!