Karma, Karma, Yea for Us!


Cast: Mickey Ears, Tiggerific, DS9, DD7
Location: Hoppin’ around the world, with occasional stops at Pop Century, mostly to use the pools.

Day 1 – Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our long awaited trip was finally here! We usually prefer an early flight to WDW and a later return flight so that we have as much time in the world as possible. This trip, the timing worked out somewhat in reverse. Our flight didn’t leave until after 11am, so we didn’t need to be out of the house until 8am. It was actually nice, not having to get up and out so early. However, the early return flight meant we had an 11:45 ME pickup and wouldn’t really have time to do anything on our last day.

After trips by car, airport shuttle, and airplane, we arrived in Orlando and headed for the Magical Express. We were thrilled that they have eliminated the airport check-in for the Magical Express, it seemed like a redundant step and now that it is gone the process is much smoother. We finally arrived at Pop Century about 3pm and were ready to see how the new advanced check-in process worked. There was a separate line for advanced check-in, only one person in front of us. You still speak with a CM, so when we picked up our packed it was easy to ask for a room change! We had requested a preferred room in the 50’s Lady building and they had us in one of the 80’s building. The CM told us it was closer to the bus stop, but found us a room on the 4th floor of the Lady building and I am glad he did. It was very quiet; I know the rooms facing the main pool can be pretty noisy.

After a quick stop to the room, we caught a bus to Downtown Disney. We had required stops at Once Upon a Toy, World of Disney, and (of course) the Lego Store! We tried to encourage the kids to window shop and buy later, and it was successful on this night. Well…most of this night. We made it to Wolfgang Pucks for our dinner reservation and after finding the Hidden Mickey, we went to our table. Sorry – I didn’t take many photos of the food, I know that this is sort of expected on Mouse Buzz but it does not come naturally to me. Before Mouse Buzz, the only person I knew who took pictures of food was my father-in-law. We did get a few photos of the food including this one of the incredible Butternut Squash soup (sort of). For dinner we had the Mahi Mahi and the Macadamia Nut Chicken, both were very very good. The Carrot Cake and Key Lime pie for dessert were delicious.

When we got back to Pop Century my DD made her first purchase, she got the string hair weave thingy done. I couldn’t believe it was 11” – her hair doesn’t seem that long. She wanted this small medallion of two dolphins for the end and was picking out all kinds of crazy beads. MickeyEars made a deal with her. If mum could pick out the beads, she would also pay for them. DD knows a deal when she sees one, so she quickly agreed. DD picked all neon colors for the string, so the beads were matching. I was pretty amazed at how fast the CM was at putting this in!

I do need to ask if anyone knows what the buildings across Hourglass Lake at Pop Century are. One is near the parking lot of the 50’s buildings and looks like a closed resort. Directly across Generation Gap Bridge is a building with large numbers leaning against it. Looks like a past (future?) part of Pop? Not sure and didn’t spend any time actually crossing the bridge to check it out…

Well, the travel day was over and we survived! We were all ready to hit the parks the next day, we even had a basic plan of attack. But would our plans hold up?


Trip Report!!! I can’t wait to find out about your plans.


Wait a minute! They have eliminated the airport check in for ME??? Really??!! That is great.


I have never taken ME but does it mean you just walk through the airport and onto a bus?


Yes, it is awesome. In December, the line went ALL THE WAY from the desk to the other end of the airport! It was very fast, but a waste of time to check in for something you already have the printed ticket for…


Well…You walk to the lower level of the airport and into a line. But this line is for a bus and you had to wait in this one anyways. :laugh:


Awesome!!! TR!!! Love the pics! Can’t wait for more!



Can not wait to hear more!! It is amazing how much they can “stretch” the hair, sice they charge by the inch!!


Yippee another TR and YUM I :heart::heart::heart: that soup!


Keep it coming I’m in post trip depression.


… Just helping you get your game face on buddy !!!:laugh:

sounds like a good kick off to the trip!


Great start!! Cant wait to read the rest and see more pics.


Great start. Can’t wait for more report and pics.


Great so far, but not enough yet… more, more, more!!!


Yay! Another trip report! Great start . . . can’t wait to read more.


WOW - didn’t know about the ME check-in at the airport. We will remember that when we arrive in October. Thanks for the info. Can’t wait to hear/see more about your trip.


Yay! A POP TR, you are getting me very excited…we leave in 15 days!!!


great pics and a wonderful report keep it coming. thanks


:eek: No check in line?! We leave in 19 days and I didn’t know that!! We were ther in March and you still had to check in. Do you just give the tickets to the driver?


When you enter the ME line, there is a CM to simply direct you to the proper line and verify you have your tickets. Then you show them (give them?) to the driver when you board.

I’ll get working on Day 2, post later today…I have some chores around the house to do!