Kates starts the CP on Monday!


Okay, so my DD Kate and her boyfriend BJ are enjoying the week at WDW before she checks in on Monday to start her adventure as a CP! She has started a blog so if anyone is interested in following her journey the link is:
Kate’s Disney College Program Experience


Good for her … That’s Awesome!!! I know your proud of her!


That’s great, where is she going to be working?


Thats great! I’m so excited for when I leave for mine next week! What role does she have? Maybe we’ll run into one another! :laugh:


Congratulations to her!!! How exciting!! I love reading CP blogs so I’ll definitely be following hers. I hope she has an amazing time! :mickey:


She doesn’t know where she’ll be assigned yet, but she is hoping for either MK or DHS. All she knows is that she is in merchandising.


Yay for Kate! I am extra excited for her because she is starting the same week I started my CP exactly TEN YEARS AGO! I feel ancient. LOL I was also in merchandise. Tell her to have a great time, I know she will love it!


I want to do a CP… too bad I am way past that age to do it… Way past… Guess I will just have to go visit…


Congrats to her! My niece did CP over 10 years ago and loved every minute of it.


I read your daughter’s blog and saw her pic - she is sooo cute! I hope she has a wonderful experience!


My sister started hers 1 year ago next week too! Too crazy! I know she’ll have a blast!


Tell her congrats! I’ll definitely read her blog!


Your daughter is so cute, and I know she is soooo excited!! I hope she has a wonderful experience. I have a cousin who did the CP about 6 years ago. She met her sweet husband while there, and she made many wonderful friends that she still speaks with regularly.:heart:


How wonderful for your daughter; best wishes for her. Hopefully she will have a wonderful time. So will you be visiting your daughter at WDW in the near future?


I’m going down for a quick weekend the end of April and then the whole family is going down in June to see her. I’m waiting to book to see what kind of discounts she can get us. She is very excited, but also very nervous to start this new journey. I know that she’ll do great once she gets settled in but saying goodbye to her boyfriend tomorrow is going to be really hard for her.They have been together for 4 years and he is going into the air force next month. So she probably won’t be able to see him until he graduates from basic training the end of May, if Disney will let her take off for it. I am expecting a tearful phone call tomorrow. He is with her this week down there and they are having a wonderful time together before they have to go their separate ways but I know her heart will be broken tomorrow. She doesn’t think anyone will be interested in her blog but me but I told her there are lots of Disney Geeks like us that will want to see what she is up to.


Definitley! I’m doing the program starting next week and I am STILL excited to read her blog and what her experience is like! :]


Wow, this is so exciting! She has a great smile, too. Can’t wait to read all about her adventures!


UPDATE: She is living at Chatam apartments with 7 other girls and will be working at DHS in the shops that are on the left side as you enter the park as you are walking toward the big sorcerer’s hat. She is very excited.


Oooo! Fun! At least she will be mostly inside out of the summer heat… But what fun! I hope that she likes it!


That sounds like a great job, she’ll be out of the heat in the summer.