Keep track of your DDP credits!


I just wanted to post a caveat that I just remembered from our trip the last week in September.

We were having dinner at Flying Fish, on the dining plan, and the waiter casually mentioned that that meal would exhause our final table service credits.

We knew we should’ve had two credits left to use at Chef Mickey’s the following day.

The concierge at the Contemporary, where we were staying, brought up our account on the computer and listed the credits that had been used. It turned out that credits were erroneously charged at Cinderella’s Royal Table even though we’d charged the meal to the room (with two free meals for kids under 2).

Fortunately we had the receipt from Cinderella’s, so the concierge made the correction and restored the credits.

However, had we not realized the disrepancy until we go to Chef Mickey’s and tried to put the meal on the dining plan, I’m not sure what (if anything) could’ve been done to correct the error there at the restaurant.

Perhaps an adjustment could’ve been made after the fact, but it’s probably best to stay on top of your credits, and keep your receipts, to avoid or minimize any problems before you get to the restaurant.

BTW, both meals (Flying Fish and Chef Mickey’s) were great!


my wife lives for stuff like this. she is a human calculator, and sher tallies all the information after every meal…


This happened to us, too. Boma charged us for 5 credits…one for Miss Caisley.

All I had to do was go to the front desk, get that same printout, and The Pop front desk fixed it RIGHT away! :c)


I knew that Miss Caisley was a big eater!!!


The same thing happened to us last month. We were charged 5 CS credits when it should have been 4 at Roaring Forks. We didn’t realize it for a few days towards the end of our trip, but I kept all of our receipts and brought the one with the error to the concierge and had it fixed immediately. Its always a good idea to keep track, just in case.


Similar incident. Saturday, before leaving I decided to renew our annual passes and try to get the credit for both single day MYW tickets we each had. Cast member starts having trouble with one ticket. The computer was reporting that the ticket had been used that morning to enter a park. We hadn’t entered any park that day, and the “keys” never saw a turnstile the whole week. Computer network glitch. She worked around it and we got credit for two tickets each on our APs, reducing the cost to around $250 per Florida Premium AP. But glitches are common.