"Keep Your Cool" @ WDW parks


Saw this article this morning, thought it was very appropriate considering:phone:

Disney Insider: Keep Your Cool at Walt Disney World


Very appropriate! :happy:


I got that same email. Wow, and I’m going to be there late August. I should seek mental help! :laugh: :wacko: :blink:


It’s really not THAT terrible, honestly. To me the thunderstorms were more annoying than the heat. Just take a break everyday in the pool or at night cool off in the pool and drink plenty of water. iIve survived it every year.


I got my email too but haven’t read it yet; really good tips to keep in mind. I can take the heat its just the crowds that I can’t take. I will walk in 100 degree weather anyday over waiting an hour and a half for BTMRR or Splash Mountain.


We always go early September and people warn us about the heat. :huh: But it’s never been bad!! At least, it’s never seemed bad to us. And we’ve never encountered big thunderstorms at that time either. I think we had one little rainshower in 2003, and it was while we were on the monorail going to Epcot. It had stopped by the time we got off!

Maybe we’re just really lucky. :whistling

But I found the weather to be the absolute PITS the one time we went in May! :blow: I couldn’t even breathe, it was so hot!


We are planning on bringing those neck coolers when we go in september. We made some with the kids favorite fabric and they work great! They are really cheap to make to!


Have you had any luck with our paymetns yet?


That last message was a mistake! Ignore it!!! Thanks~


We’re going to do our best but I’m betting early September will still be hot.


Sorry Wish but I gotta disagree. It’s TERRIBLY HOT this year…grant it I’m under many layers at a time and it adds about 20 degrees to the outside temp, but this year feels much hotter than the past 2 years.

Your right about keeping hydrated. Can’t ever stress that enough. In 8 days the new parade begins at MK and it’s SO BIG AND SO MUCH GREATER THAN DCT and many of my fellow performers have already had heat related illnesses, and not even while helping their characters. We’re all feeling the heat around here this year. Keep ya’lls cool everyone!


we are gonna be there friday and I already DD to let me know if she gets hot, hungry thirsty, whatever !! And I am dressing her as cool as I possibly can.I got the email too.I love being a Disney insider !! LOL