Keeping the secret is killing me


and I still have soooooo far to go. We are not going on our WDW trip and cruise until December, and it is a surprise for our kids, and I just do not know how I am going to do it!!! :pinch:

I am so excited about it, but I love surprising them!! It is soo fun, but I do not know if I can make it until December.

Anyone else have suggestions??? I cannot tell them, my DH is adamant that it is a surprise! :dry:

Anyone else have a way they kept it a surprise?


My friend is having the same problem you are. Her 11 y/o DD hasn’t been since she was 2, and she has no idea she’s going to Disneyworld in a little over a month! My friend has had the HARDEST time keeping it from her.


I think whatever you do DON’T tell your kids…I’ve always wished my mom would surprise me with a Disney trip but it’s always a joint decision and saving process. I think there is nothing more magical than a surprise trip to Disney! :slight_smile:


I know it will be wonderful to surprise them, I just wish it were closer!


I can totally relate to you on this one. I feel like I am bursting at the seams. I know our trips are at the same time. Maybe we can help each other. Both kids have started to beg me to go back to Disney. I want to tell them so bad, but this is a Christmas and Birthday surprise and DH made me promise that I would not tell them. If I could, I would scream it from the roof top so that everyone (except my principal which I still haven’t told even though I know I need to) will know that I will be at Disney for 3 weeks in December. I know I am driving DH and D Sister crazy because they are the only ones I can talk to about this. Sometimes, planning and planning, and planning some more helps.


Hang in there, inluv!! It will be soooo worth it when the time finally comes! Have you ever surprised them with a Disney trip before?


I bet I wouldn’t be able to keep the secret. Have fun!


Actually yes! Our first WDW trip was a surprise!! but I only had to keep it a secret for a couple of months!! And it was soo much fun to do! It is just so hard. :pinch:


I knew our trips were at about the same time, I did not know yours was a surprise too. We definitely have to help each other out!! Disneymom is going with us too and she is surprising her kids too and neither family will know about the cruise until we are on our way to Port Canaveral!! I am driving my DH crazy too!! So glad to know I am not alone!! :wink:


2 surprise trips!!! Lucky!! I bet it is hard, especially this time since you have to wait even longer, but it will be here before you know it! :slight_smile:


Weeeellll, I kept our last trip a secret for the boys for 10 months. It wasn’t easy. It helped to be a guest here on DC and lurking until about September. That’s when I signed up and became Dopey just to talk to someone!!!
I actually packed almost 3 weeks before the trip and hid the suitcases and under my bed.

It’s hard, hang in there. Keep posting and scowering Disney sites. :crying:


I totally tried to suprise DBF on our March trip…and I totally failed! I feel your pain…I only had to do it for a few months…i couldnt hold out until decmeber…although i made it up to two weeks before our trip…i would have never made it that close if it hadnt been for DC…so keep on postin!


Good luck–I don’t think I could do it. Maybe I will try to surprise him next trip–I think that will last less than a month.


Yeaaah Cinderbella, we know about that, ahem-little mishap! Oh how we tried to keep you from spilling the beans. But alas, she did- spill the beans.
You could never even apply to get a top secret clearance :ph34r: :laugh: :laugh:


i think surprising people with trips is AWESOME!!! THis last Christmas my sisters, my DH and I surprised my parents with a cruise. We started planning it last summer and I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret. But we all did and it was so worth it when they found out Christmas morning.

Also a few years ago I surprised my DH with a trip to Vegas and a wedding vow rrenewal with Elvis. He flipped out! He was so shocked. The Elvis idea had actually been his when we were planning our wedding. But he never thought I would go through with it, so he was really shocked.

It’s so hard to keep the surprise. But it is SOOOOOOO worth it!!!



Wow… I wish I could offer some suggestions. Do your best to keep it under your hat it will be worth it. Good luck.


Ok put me in the same boat as you guys… I so want to tell DH but I know that I cant… I didnt think that I was going to make it until Aug so I had to cheat myself and Im going to tell him on his b-day in May… In the mean time I just keep reading and posting on DC… The bad thing lately is that I keep slipping espc when the Disney Commerical comes on and Im like “Hang on Mickey I’ll see ya in Aug” and DH looks at me funny and I have to quickly find a cover… :pinch: :nonono2:


I think this thread is going to be a good vent session for all y’all who are trying so hard to keep your trips a secret! :biggrin: Seriously, I had a hard enough time keeping the tentative trip a secret from my hubby a couple months ago…and then I became pregnant and we decided we weren’t going to take any trips…so I told him all about my plans…

…and now we’re not going until October! I am SO glad it’s not a secret this time, because I would NOT be able to hold it that long!!!


I have no hints. All I can suggest is come here to vent and tell everyone ELSE about it.

We surprised the kids in 2003 and again last year. It was VERY difficult. In fact, the first year, I actually made a little mark on the calendar, almost giving them a hint. But neither of them knew it. It was an impossible clue anyway.

That’s how I got through it. But it’s not easy. Some days I just wanted to blurt it out.

Last year, DW and I got through it by having a little code song. Every time we were thinking about Disney, we’d hum the tune from Six Flags commercial. I know that seems kinda random… but we each knew what it was and the kids had no idea.