Keeping with the Doomsday and Disney theme


If you could only bring one Disney momento with you into your Doomsday bunker (you know to go with all the toilet paper and beer) what would that one thing be?


I would bring my picture collages. I have two HUGE frames with pictures of all our trips from over years. You can see my DD grow up in the pictures and on certain days, I get a tear in my eye when i really look at it.


Mickey ears! We all need a smile in a doomsday bunker.


That is a hard one, I probably would bring our family photo.


Our Disney Photo album.


I think my disney throw. It’s practical because it would keep me warm if I needed it and its sentimental because it is a fall/thanksgiving theme my favorite time of year and holiday. And we bought it on our first family trip anywhere which just happened to be disney!!!


One of my refillable resort mug, there ok to use after the apocolypse right?

No? Oh ok then, family photo albums, good times, good times…



On our very first trip to WDW we stayed at Dixie Landings (POR)- it had just opened - and they gave us a gorgeous photo album when we checked in. (No perks like that today!) It has the pictures of our first trips - that’s what I would save.


Since we go to WDW so often, I’ve made a few Disney scrapbooks, so that would be my item.


All my Disney Photos!